Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Why Are We At War?

The War on Terror is not about securing U.S. access to oil, as the
article below clearly indicates. It is not even about securing the
world's access to oil. It is not about avenging unprovoked aggression.
It is not about freeing Muslim women and children. It is not about
spreading democracy. It is not even about securing American hegemony
since it has likely fatally wounded that. So what the heck is it
about? At the most the War on Terror is about smashing Islam, one of
the few remaining obstacles to establishing the New World Order since
Judaism and Christianity have been smashed (look at all those empty
pews) and Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism don't matter. The only
faith allowed inside Israel is the Bahai Faith which must not be seen
as a threat to The New World Order by the people who run "Israel"
— who are no friends of the Jews, or the Muslims, or the Christians.
One need only look at what they have done inside "Israel" itself to see
what is in store for everyone else if they succeed. The U.S. is not, nor has
it ever been, in the business of protecting the weak and defenceless. We
believe that but it is a lie, a big lie. Let's not forget that our "leaders" like
war (it makes them feel important), as do war profiteers (it makes them rich).

But they are just a sideshow.

Perhaps the money masters feel the U.S.A. is no longer useful. Is the U.S. being discarded as Great Britain was discarded 50 years ago? Perhaps the money masters are not really in control of what is happening. Study the article above. What lies ahead for us, we who will soon be living in yesterday's empire? Perhaps a benign hand is at work after all. Let's hope it is, even if we don't deserve it.


First Name said...

as i understand it the plan for world war three, per albert pike's letter to mazzini, isn't to destroy islam, but to destroy massive segments of the population by pitting islam, against christianity, against atheism, all fomented by the illuminti.

check this out:

Morley Evans said...

I'll check it out.