Thursday, April 20, 2017


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by Morley Evans

DISHONEST REPORTAGE is propaganda. Anyone who has been watching the Alternate Media knows the Mainstream Media lies. Hopefully, the Mainstream media is bankrupt. 

The incident described below follows a pattern. People are invited to evacuate a conflict area. They are loaded onto buses. The buses are attacked by the people who helped organise the evacuation. My friend Olga was on one of two buses assembled to take her and others from Lugansk, Ukraine, back to Kiev where she was going to university. Shortly after they started their journey, the buses were attacked by mortars of the Ukrainian army. Olga has been a prisoner in Lugansk and Donetsk since then. Fortunately, the backdoor to Russia is open thanks to Putin. When East Aleppo, Syria, was being liberated by the Syrian government (the Assad "regime"), buses loaded with refugees were attacked by "rebels" AKA ISIS. Like the Ukrainian Nazis and the Ukrainian Army who are attacking the Donbass, the "freedom fighters" in Syria are "our terrorists." Yessiree, Bob.


After "Liberation" the U.S. Will give Raqqa to the terrorists. Isn't that amazing? Isn't that appalling? Washington is the problem, not the solution. AND IT NEVER WAS THE SOLUTION!!


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