Friday, April 14, 2017


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by Morley Evans

Who Defeated The Nazis?

Operation Barbarossa 1941

WITHOUT DIMINISHING the efforts of anyone (let’s not forget the Germans), it should be accepted that the Soviets (mostly Russians and Ukrainians in the multi-ethnic Soviet Union) defeated the Nazis. They should be given credit where credit is due. The Americans, British, Canadians, and others blocked the Red Army from reaching the English Channel. Churchill said he didn’t want to look east and see “Nothing between the White Cliffs of Dover and the White snows of Russia.” Allied strategic bombing mostly devastated German civilians while doing little to arrest Nazi war production. What did Hamburg or Dresden accomplish? The British won the battles for the Mediterranean and North Africa protecting the British lifeline to the far east (Iran and India) through Gibraltar, Malta, and Suez. The popular American TV show “Rat Patrol” was based on British SAS commandos. They were not Americans. The Guns of Navarone starred Gregory Peck, an American. The largest operation in WW II was the Soviet Operation Bagration, not D-Day. Bagration cut the guts out of Army Group Centre, crippling the Wehrmacht. It was the most decisive Operation of the War. The second largest Operation in WW II was the Nazi invasion called Operation Barbarossa, not D-Day. The United States was the only winner of WW II and Americans took all the credit and all the glory thanks to Hollywood and first-rate propaganda. Everyone believes it! Americans took all the loot too. Bretton Woods (1944) made the U.S. dollar king of the mountain. It is why the ’50s and ’60s were so good for Americans. Like it or not that’s the truth.

Weren't the Soviets supplied by the Allies through Murmansk and Iran? They were. However, the Soviet Union produced almost everything itself in factories east of the Ural Mountains. In the first four months, the Nazis overran Soviet defenders in a vast swath stretching from Leningrad to Moscow to Stalingrad. Entire Soviet armies were captured. Millions of Soviet POWs were besieged and starved to death. Einsatzgruppen murdered tens of thousands of civilians. Hitler prophesied, "Kick in the door and the entire rotten structure will collapse." That didn't happen. The Nazi invasion stalled at Moscow that Chrismas and the tide turned. Out-gunned and out-generaled at first, soon the Soviets had better equipment and better leadership than the Wehrmacht. The Soviets knew winter is cold too. Faced with either extermination or slavery, the Soviet people heroically rallied to win what they celebrate today as the Great Patriotic War. In their very long history, it was the finest hour of the Slavic people.

DON'T MESS WITH RUSSIA, Washington chickenhawks. The Teutons, the Mongols, the Turks, the French, and the Nazis all learned that hard lesson. The Swedes learned that lesson too.


Sieg Holle said...

Good review with a good message " there are no patriotic wars only idiotic wars for elitist profit at the cost of innocent blood"

Morley Evans said...

Very true.