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by Morley Evans

Olga Sergeevna Donecz (Olya)

THIS MORNING after church, I told my friend Barbara that the Orthodox (catholic) world will celebrate Easter on Sunday 16 April. The Roman (catholic) world is celebrating Easter on the same Sunday. This is an unusual coincidence since Orthodox Christians use the Julian calendar and Roman Catholics and the modern world use the Gregorian calendar.

Olya, who lives in Lugansk, sent me a beautiful letter this morning expressing her love and wishing me a happy Palm Sunday. She and her family went to church this morning and prayed for peace.

Olya is very important to me. I love Olya. Оля, любимая, я мечтаю о тебе. I worry about her. The Ukrainian army has been attacking the Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts since Washington engineered a coup d'état in February 2015 and installed Ukrainian Nazis to do Washington's dirty work. They hate Russia and Russians even more than they hate Jews. [1]

In violation of the Minsk II treaty that the Kiev government signed, the Ukrainian army has set up artillery on their side of the fortified border it has created. They shell Olya and the Russian-Ukrainians on the other side. The Ukrainian army has been repeatedly defeated by the defenders of Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts. The Ukrainian army claims to be defending Ukraine against "Russian aggression," a phrase coined in Washington. American-trained and equipped death squads infiltrate the Donbass and Crimea to commit sabotage and murder. Sometimes, they succeed.

Olya and her mum spent the other night with neighbours in a shelter as artillery shells fell. Olya is careful. She is safe. Spring has come. She doesn't dare to go jogging within rifle range of the border. There are snipers.

Why would anyone do that, Barbara wondered? Who would do that?

The Romans answered both questions when they asked "Qui Bono?" Who benefits?

All roads of investigation lead to Washington, DC, which wants war with Russia. There are many factions. They all want war. Some want a world war. Some want to end all life on earth. They are Luciferians and nihilists.

Neocons want worldwide revolution "to make everyone free." "Freeing the World to Death" is their goal. They are Bolsheviks who have descended from Trotsky. They are American hegemonists. Russian military power blocks and threatens their goal.

"Jewish" Zionists want complete dominion over all. Their base is the State that calls itself "Israel". They believe as "God's chosen people" the rest of humanity exists to serve them. Most of all, they want revenge for anti-Semitism throughout the ages, real and imagined. They are charter members of the Verein der über Reichen.

"Christian" Zionists believe they can "force the hand of God" through a nuclear war. They think believers will be "raptured" to Heaven — a concept they made up. Believers will watch everyone else burn in a radioactive inferno, they think. They believe Jews will be offered a choice to convert or go to Hell. This is the choice offered by the Spanish Inquisition. Real Christians won't even be given a choice! That's what they think of Christians!

Ironically, "Jewish" Zionists bankroll some "Christian" Zionist churches. Israeli tourism relies heavily on "Christian" Zionist money. They deserve each other.

The American War Industry (called "Defense" since 1947) [2] requires a threat to justify its existence. NATO is the same. The Soviet Union was the best enemy that money could buy until it collapsed in 1991. [3] Times were good for ten years when Boris Yeltsin was the new President of Russia, but not for Russians. Things changed when Vladimir Putin replaced Yeltsin. The U.S. National Security State faced an existential threat. Putin had to become the new Hitler and the Russian Federation had to become the old USSR. Seventy years of anti-Russian propaganda was put to work.

Peace is bad for U.S. business. In fact, war has always been good for U.S. business. It took 40 years (1914 to 1944) for the U.S. Dollar to replace the Pound Sterling as the world reserve currency.  The United States replaced the British Empire as the world hegemon. Those forty years included both World Wars. U.S. investment in blood and treasure was among the smallest of any nation, yet the United States was the only winner both times. [4] [5] It was brilliant! The World Wars were followed by hundreds of smaller wars, skirmishes, coups, assassinations, and subversions, such as Korea (a peace treaty has never been signed), Vietnam, Iraq, Panama, El Salvador, Congo, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and on and on. [6]

Finally, Americans love war. War, not baseball or football, is their national sport. Just like "Israel"! The United States of America is the most violent country in history. Donald Trump, whom everyone once hated, was instantly transformed and admired as a "war President" when he bombed Syria in April 2017 two nights before Palm Sunday. [7] Some think Trump produced the entire thing to make himself Presidential. [8]

Personally, I hate war. War is the activity of psychopaths and fools. Most Ukrainians are sick and tired of the stupid war on the Donbass and the stupid government in Kiev. Olya doesn't love war either. Do you? Olya thinks her fellow Ukrainians will come to their senses. Will you?

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