Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding 2011

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by Morley Evans

Did you watch the wedding in the middle of the night? My sister did. She said it was worth it. Nice Tailoring! Beautiful gown. Wonderful photos! I watched the service and highlights last night on CBC. I think it was beautiful. "Every wedding is a Royal wedding," the Bishop of London said in his sermon. This wedding was a symbol for everyone of what marriage means, he said. Every marriage renews hope for the future. I was moved. It was worth it.

Kate and William

London (CNN) -- Who'll be making a fashion statement at the royal wedding of the century? Not Prince William. Following tradition, William, along with his dad and brother [and paternal grandfather], are wearing military uniforms to the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, according to St. James's Palace. William is wearing an Irish Guards uniform, which is known for its bright red coat. Specifically, he'll wear the uniform of Colonel of the Irish Guards, reflecting his senior honorary appointment in the Army. In pageantry befitting the heir to the British throne, he'll also don a gold and crimson sash featuring gold sword slings. However, he won't carry a sword. [William's royal blue sash carried the crest of the Royal Air Force, his active command.] His red coat will feature buttons in groups of four, which symbolize the Irish Guards' position in the Order of Battle as the Fourth Regiment of Foot Guards. Whether his bride Kate Middleton will wear a tiara when she walks down the aisle remains under wraps, but there's no mystery surrounding William's head dress. The palace has revealed that he will wear a so-called forage cap, which is worn by members of the Army for dress occasions. The cap carries the insignia of the Irish Guards, the eight-pointed Star of the Most Illustrious Order of St. Patrick, and features the regiment's motto, "Quis Separabit?", which means "Who shall separate us?" William, a graduate of Britain's royal military academy Sandhurst, was appointed Colonel of the Irish Guards in February. He also has honorary ranks in the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force. His brother Prince Harry, who is his best man and in charge of carrying the wedding ring to the Abbey, is also sporting a military uniform and forage cap. Harry's wearing a Blues and Royals officer's uniform. The Blues and Royals is one of the oldest regiments in the British Army and is part of the Household Calvary [along with the Life Guards]. Harry's uniform will feature ornamental braiding [called aiguillettes], a cross-belt and a gold waist belt with sword slings. Like his brother, he won't carry a sword. Prince Charles, an Admiral of the Royal Navy since 2006, is wearing the Royal Navy Number One [Blue] Dress, the formal uniform worn for ceremonial purposes. [Charles], the Prince of Wales will be decked out in a blue sash featuring a bevy of badges [aiguillettes] and no fewer than six medals. Unlike William and Harry, he will carry a sword. [Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, wore his Grenadier Guards uniform with sash, aiguillettes and medals.]

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