Sunday, March 2, 2014


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by Morley Evans

HERE'S A  VIDEO CLIP from of Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the State of Israel, delivering speeches on the existential threat to Israel (and the world) posed by Iran and Iraq. . . and Lebanon and Libya and Syria and the Palestinians not to mention the Gentiles everywhere and some Jews too. Bibi can't mention that everyone poses an existential threat to Israel because then it would be obvious that he and all the leaders of Israel past and present need to be straight jacketed and incarcerated in padded cells for their own protection and for our own protection. They are NUTS. They are dangerous. Crazy people — racist paranoiacs — with nuclear weapons are an existential threat — just as Netanyahu warns. Listen to him. Netanyahu knows what he is talking about. Netanyahu sees a crazy person in the mirror every morning when he shaves.


But crazy people are good for the American war machine, very good indeed. If there are no enemies, who needs the Pentagon or the sixteen U.S. intelligence agencies spying on everyone, or the State Department or the POTUS leading the "free world"? This became clear when the Soviet Union evaporated. Then we had 9/11 and we needed to be protected from terrorists. Remember? Try hard. . .

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