Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Great Satan

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by Morley Evans

Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

Ottoman Empire 1914

PEOPLE WHO STILL THINK the United States is the hope of mankind will be supporting the "liberation of poor little Ukraine in its struggle against the big bad Russian bear. They will not know that the Ukraine had been a province of Russia for hundreds of years and became independent only with the evaporation of the Soviet Union which had given the Ukraine over half of its current territory — including Crimea. Ukraine was a province of Russia, like Montana in the U.S.A. or Québec in Canada. They will be unable to see it from the other side: that Washington has continued its conquest of the world that began in 1754. Before he died, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said Russia is very sick, riven with dissent and corruption that is being exploited by forces outside. The former Austro-Hungarian Empire met the same fate in 1914-18. Tito's Yugoslavia was torn apart in the ethnic wars of 1991 to 1999. The former Mesopotamia has been dismembered and destroyed by the same process of "liberation" since the Ottoman Empire was destroyed. Lebanon has been regularly ripped apart by sectarian war. Syria is the current victim. People here have no idea that the ethnic groups in these areas lived together peacefully for centuries before they were riled up. Peace has returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

We are entering the next Dark Age. The New World Order is here. It's capital is Washington, DC. Our owner is the President Of The United States, the POTUS, and the people who own him.

A look at the maps of the empires that existed in 1914 reveals a consistent pattern. Unrest is created. Empires are broken up into small bite size pieces that are then swallowed and digested by Washington. Burp. . . This began with the Seven Years War and has been going on non-stop ever since. The American Civil War centralized power in Washington. WWI and WWII destroyed the great powers. Zionism surfaced in 1945, 1948 and 1967 and it may have been working behind the scenes all the while. These events were part of a process leading to total world domination by Washington and the people who control it. The United States of America is a colony of Washington. Americans are the cannon fodder of the empire. Creating the New World Order is nearly complete today. All of the purported "evil regimes" — including the Nazis and the Communists — were mere obstacles that stood in the way of the ultimate evil that has been taking control as the national security state was built. They were part of the plan.

Zionism seeks to sow dissent and promote war for fun and profit. Zionists justify their ideology with anti-Semitism. "Christian" Zionists, like Stephen Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, seek to destroy the world and kill all the people so they can go to heaven.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

Ayatollah Khomeini, who led the Islamic revolution that ousted the Shah of Iran called the United States of America "The Great Satan." Washington's record of conquest is one reason. It's corruption, materialism, atheism and secularism are others.

You may disagree. But most people outside Washington's Empire see the United States as the number one threat to their life and liberty. Daily propaganda works, however. I, myself, cheered when George Herbert Walker Bush bombed the shit out of Iraq. I watched the blitz of Baghdad on CNN with the anti-aircraft fireworks that lit up the night. I thought the reforms introduced by Gorbachev and Reagan were continuing. But I began to wake up before "Stormin' Norman" had wiped out the Iraqi army. Did you know that Schwarzkopf grew up in Tehran? His father, Norman, Sr. had been the head of the New Jersey State police. That Stormin Norman arrested Bruno Hauptmann for the Lindbergh kidnapping. He then went to Iran with the United States Army. Hauptmann was innocent but they needed a fall guy. Lindbergh fell from grace when he tried to prevent the United States from getting into WW II. He played a role that served FDR's schemes.

No one could make up anything this interesting! Fiction is boring.

- Morley


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