Saturday, July 21, 2012

Spreading Peace and Democracy

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by Morley Evans

TODAY, the bug-brain Netanyahu is preparing to invade Syria now that the CIA has softened up that anti-Israel fortress for him by skillfully exploiting internal divisions, as it did last year in Libya. Bringing freedom and democracy to the world is the mission of the United States of Amerika and its allies, like Kanada! After years of practice, Washington has this down to a science. They are active in Iran and Russia and China too. Will the forces of Goodness topple those regimes? Just imagine how wonderful the world will be when Hillary the Witch and her friends in Obamaland are in control of everything and everyone! Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights for all. Just like at home!

I would panic, but I am consoled by the undeniable fact that there is an inverse relationship between the power of the "World's Only Remaining Super Power (WORSP) and its "most powerful military in history" and what it takes to bring about its defeat: from World Wars in the beginning to a few bags of fertilizer at the end. When the United States invaded Afghanistan eleven years ago some A-rab said, "The Americans failed to learn their lesson in Vietnam. This time they will learn a lesson they will never forget." No, it wasn't Osama who said that. I don't know who said it.

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