Wednesday, June 27, 2012

God Is An Anarchist

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by Morley Evans

Dear Angela,

As you surely must know, the British monarch has been a "constitutional" sovereign since the English Civil War when Parliament became supreme. The monarch has some power, it is true, but it is unclear what that power might be. "Tradition," they say? The rascals in Parliament have the power. Parliament is bicameral with the House of Lords filled with Lords who have life peerages and hereditary Lords whose peerage is passed down from father to son. The House of Commons is filled with commoners, that is with people who are not aristocrats. They are morons elected by morons to represent the moronic interests. They usually represent the monied interests. This is similar to the American bicameral Congress and the Presidency. The President has much more power than the Queen who has much more money than the President. The Congress has much more of both money and power than the Parliament. Since WW I, hereditary Lords have been forced to admit tourists who wander through their homes and help pay the bills. The stately homes were once made safe from foreclosure by stolen fortunes and slavery. Those were the good old days. The Newport, R.I., "cottages" were nothing compared to the stately homes in Britain.

In many ways, it is not fair to blame the British monarch for the sins committed by the State that the monarch heads. Americans are trained to dislike George III, but he did many admirable things for which he gets no credit. Queen Victoria had very little to do with the atrocities committed by the British Empire. Victoria organized Irish relief during the potato famine when Britain itself was in a depression. Canadians, meaning the people who took over after 1867, are a despicable group of liars who wrap themselves in the flag and make sanctimonious proclamations to conceal their abominations. Failing to honour promises to the French and the Indians rest at the base of a mountain of crimes committed by Canada's leaders. Yet all believe their lies. They have done everything in the name of The Queen. She had nothing to do with what they have done or what they continue to do. An American President has everything to do with what the United States does, by contrast.

I have been a libertarian since 1979, when I read Restoring the American Dream by Robert Ringer. I owe next to nothing to Ayn Rand. I thought We The Living was very good. I only recently had my eyes opened fully by George W. Bush. "One never knows whom one will have to thank."  Queen Elizabeth II may be a nice old lady, but she does bear some responsibility for what is done and has been done in her name and in the name of her ancestors. With the British Empire long gone these past sixty-some years, the British Royals look more-and-more ridiculous. Elizabeth may be Elizabeth, The Last, as she fears. The Queen of the Netherlands rode a bicycle. The King of Sweden lives modestly compared to The Queen.

I, myself, believe God is an anarchist and that that is the story told by The Bible. "I am a jealous god," God tells us in many places. He warns His people not to choose a king instead of Himself. Moses rescued His people from the slavery of idolatry in Egypt. His people were not building pyramids for Pharaoh. They were living in Egypt which was Mankind's first state-level civilization. Do slaves building pyramids have gold?  Has anyone ever wondered from where came the gold the Hebrews melted down to cast the Golden Calf? Pharaoh was a god. God didn't like that. God has been trying to teach His lesson for a long time (since the Garden of Eden, actually), but Man is a slow learner. (That inclues women.) If God hasn't been able to teach His lesson in thousands of years, Angela, we should not despair if we can't do it either. We are only human. We don't even know for sure what His lesson is! We are not God. Like Moses, we can only do the best we can with what we have. That is what life is about. That is why we are here.

We do know this one thing for certain: Man cannot be trusted with power.

Love you, Angela, keep working! Keep writing! Keep dreaming!
 - Morley

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