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by Morley Evans

Guest article by James B Yoseph, author and publisher


Doctors simply do not know they have been duped.

The way they are taught in the world of competition and medicine is rigid unforgiving and tough. Their instructors teach them that there is only one way to practice. The amount of information they must absorb and memorize is astonishing.

They universally must go through a year of dissecting a cadaver one piece at a time and naming every nerve, vein and organ. It is not a place for dummies or the squeamish.  Neither is med school a place for the slacker or lazy.

They memorize every symptom, protocol and modality of each and every ailment of a possible patient. They begin seeing patients in their 3rd year and ordering treatment and meds by the 4th. They move on to internship and work impossible long hours under incredible stress. At any given moment they can lose their chosen career for one mistake.

By the time they graduate they know everything they must know to practice medicine, as it is known today.

What is wrong with this picture?

The teaching of doctors is a closed system. It is the same everywhere in America.

It is antiquated, barbaric and wrong.

Wrong modalities and diagnoses become universally accepted and cannot be changed. Missed diagnosis and wrong information is perpetuated as if it were the law of the land.

If a treatment becomes the “standard of care” instead of a cure it is the same everywhere. If a bad drug makes it to market everyone prescribes it. Your doctor still lives in fear of any deviation in treatment. He could still lose his chosen career for refusing to ascribe to the rules. The result is an entire planet has been poisoned with a pathogenic fungal toxin endorsed by physicians everywhere.

Are these the men and women you want to see for your ailment?

What is your alternative?

The tree is rotten at the root.

James B. Yoseph


Comment by Morley Evans

Most young people enter medicine with the best of intentions. Perhaps only a few want to become doctors for purely pecuniary motives. Medical schools have extremely high standards and they are very expensive.

Medical schools teach pharmaceutical medicine. They are choke points in the system that supplies doctors. When the supply of anything is reduced, the price goes up. At the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries pharmaceutical companies were being born and pharmaceutical doctors were being trained to treat disease with pharmaceutical products from pharmaceutical companies.

At the time, many competing ways to prevent and treat disease were being advanced. Disciplines such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Orthopathy, and Acupuncture, competed with pharmaceutical medicine which waged aggressive war on its rivals, branding them all as quacks who needed to be exterminated, leaving pharmaceutical medicine to claim the title of "modern medicine".

This had nothing to do with helping sick people. It had everything to do with money and power.

Doctors go to medical schools, which teach pharmaceutical medicine. When doctors graduate from medical schools, they serve as interns in pharmaceutical hospitals. These inexperienced young doctors are over-worked, deprived of sleep and kept in a constant state of fear. This has nothing to do with education and everything to do with brainwashing.

The people running such a system care not about patients or doctors. The system is designed to teach obedience to the system and the people who run it — the pharmaceutical industry. (Dogs and pharmaceutical doctors are trained.)

Pharmaceutical doctors who "don't make the grade" are expelled not necessarily because they are incompetent. They might be too competent — and too ethical.

The people running medicine are not interested in quality patient care, or doctors or science. (They don't want you to get better. That would be bad for business.) They are interested in money and power. Un pesce marcisce dalla testa (A fish rots from the head), is an old Sicilian proverb.

When Dr. Daniel Steinberg, M.D., Ph.D., and his friends introduced their mycotoxin to treat an imaginary disease which they had invented and named "hypercholesterolemia" they had armies of pharmaceutical doctors worldwide ready, willing, and able to sell it for them. Pharmaceutical doctors are the bow wows of medicine. On command, these doctors sat up on their haunches and barked, "Woof!" and hundreds of millions of patients were poisoned, to enrich the pharmaceutical industry and its friends.

With this brazen act, after a century pharmaceutical medicine has finally reached the end of the road. Pharmaceutical medicine is totally corrupt. It has corrupted everything it has touched, including the law and the legislatures. Pharmaceutical medicine, itself, is a public health menace.

Pharmaceutical medicine costs too much and it doesn't work anyway. Pharmaceutical medicine deserves to die and it will be dead soon along with the institutions that have been protecting pharmaceutical medicine and its vast criminal empire. Doctors will be jumping ship as pharmaceutical medicine sinks below the waves.

Anything pharmaceutical medicine offers from here on needs to be carefully examined — and not by any of the current "regulatory" agencies which are run by and for the pharmaceutical industry.

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