Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Good of Statins

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by Morley Evans

Guest Article by James B Yoseph

The Good of Statins

What we know about the direct effects of taking Statin Drugs is a potential boon to medicine. Statins are implicated in Cancer, ALS, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Obesity, Auto Immune Diseases, Cardio Myopathy, and a host of other diseases including exacerbated Cardio Vascular Disease, the disease Statins are supposed to prevent.

A huge body of irrefutable statistics has surfaced to prove just how deadly and harmful Statins truly are.

If we can encourage medicine to pay attention, we can learn a lot from Statins as to the cause and effect relationship between mycotoxins and disease. Statins are mycotoxins.

This terrible man-made plague has the potential to save lives.

I would like to sit before some senate oversight committee and ask three questions to be answered by a show of hands:

How many of you are taking statins?
How many of you are suffering what you consider to be some of the discouraging ravages of aging?
How many of you trust your doctor implicitly?

If they told the truth, most hands would go up in answer to every question.

In the first human study done in the U.S., a hand-picked group of six people was selected to take statins. They were heterozygotes, or people with the rare genetic proclivity to hypercholesterolemia. Four of the six had the expected precursors of CVD. Two did not. All were given a statin drug. As expected the cholesterol levels came down.

Doctors Brown, Goldstein, Bilheimer and Grundy headed up the program. They blithely walked past the most significant part of the study: Two, fully one third of the people selected, had no sign of CVD —  that fact in spite of their rare genetic proclivity. [If they had high cholesterol, they should have had cardiovascular disease i.e.: atherosclerotic plaque]

Men with an agenda have blinders on. They were there to study the effects of statins. It never occurred to them to study the remarkable health of the two. What was different about them? Instead they gave them a health-destroying drug.

If we do not begin studying health we will never be and never become healthy. The study of medicine and drugs is upside down. Please study health.

Comment by Morley Evans

The "agenda" the "researchers" had was money. The people with "hypercholesterolemia" who did not have cardiovascular disease disproved the hypothesis the "researchers" wanted to prove. Rather than discard their hypothesis, they chose to discard the people. This was not a mistake. This was a crime and the researchers were and are criminals, along with the entire Statin Drug industry and pharmaceutical medicine which harbors the Statin Drug industry and has foisted Statin Drugs onto millions. My own health was destroyed by these people. I was heathy before going to my doctor in 1992. They threw away almost twenty years of my life. They have destroyed the lives of millions more. Visit SUE! Statins! Buy the book. Join the list.

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