Thursday, September 27, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Israel believes MIGHT makes RIGHT. That isn’t new. That’s how the world has always worked. What is new is the idea that MIGHT does NOT make RIGHT. War is what the United Nations was established to prevent.

The Israelis base their claim on Jewish victimhood. They can’t have it both ways. They must either be Nazis or they can start acting like human beings. If they continue acting like Nazis, they can stop whining about Nazis. THEY CAN’T have it both ways. The Israelis have used up any sympathy they ever had. They are at the end of their rope. And so are the people who support them. Do you? 

Bugsy Siegel and other Jewish Mafiosi did and do support "the Jewish State". Israel was created by the criminally insane. Israel was founded on a paranoiac-racist ideology which has nothing to do with the Jewish religion, or the Christian religion, or any religion. Satanism is the remaining option. Zionist control of "mainstream media" has ensured that the criminality of Israel has been unknown to the general public. The Internet has broken this monopoly and exposed Zionism's Achilles heel providing critics with a platform.

Jews around the world — even more than gentiles — have been under relentless pressure to support the Zionist entity in Palestine. Zionism has taken over Synagogues, created anti-Semitism in countries like Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran, that were the ancient homes of Jews. Zionists have subverted the U.S. political, educational, and informational systems, rewarded Zionist Jews, and punished Jews who refused. Despite this, Jews have been at the forefront of the "not in my name" movements.

Anyone who has dared to oppose them, Zionists have bludgeoned with anti-Semitism which is used to destroy careers and lives. Murder and beatings are included in the Zionist gangster's toolkit.

Universally, civil society agrees that murder and theft is criminal. The same standard applies to relations between nations. War is a crime. It doesn't matter how it is dressed up. Every aggressor pretends their war is justified because it is defensive. False flag attacks are created as pretexts for aggressive war. War contractors love making the world a dangerous place so they can sell their wares. Bombs and bullets are ideal products. They can only be used once. Then the customer has to buy more. 

Israel dreams of becoming Sparta. Israeli leaders think their country is already a leading warrior state. It is actually a leading criminal state that is propped up by The Great Satan.  

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