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by Morley Evans

The Big Winner of the Second World War, riding on the coattails of those who paid the price, was the United States of America. But the really big winner was Zionism. 

Zionism had already insinuated itself into the ruling élites of the Western world, chiefly Great Britain and her empire and the United States which took over the empire and everyone in it in 1945 thanks to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill (who never figured out what he had done). 

Zionists were involved with Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy before and during the Second World War. Many Zionists came from the Soviet Union where Zionism was illegal but despite supposed Soviet anti-Semitism, the Jewish Automonous Oblast was established. 

Zionism, which is an atheistic secular ideology, is the antithesis of Judaism yet Zionism which had its founding congress in 1897, managed to hijack Judaism in the 20th century and today threatens the world in the early years of the 21st century. Zionism and Bolshevism began in the Russian and Austro-Hungarian Empires. They were both hatched by secular Jews. Zionism claims to exist to represent and protect Jews from anti-Semitism. That is Zionism's raison d'être.

Here are a few of the luminaries of Zionism.

"Chaim Weizmann Weizmann was born in the village of Motal, located in what is now Belarus and at that time part of the Russian Empire. He was the third of 15 children born to Oizer and Rachel Czemerinsky Weizmann. His father was a timber merchant. From ages four to eleven, he attended a traditional cheder, or Jewish religious elementary school, and he began studying Hebrew as a child. At the age of 11, he entered high school Pinsk, where he displayed a talent for science, especially chemistry. While in Pinsk, he also became active in the Hovevei Zion groups there. He graduated with honors in 1892, and decided to pursue chemistry as a profession."

David Ben-Gurion was born in Poland when it was part of the Russian Empire. Isn't this amazing? Ben-Gurion writes:

"For many of us, anti-Semitic feeling had little to do with our dedication [to Zionism]. I personally never suffered anti-Semitic persecution. Płońsk was remarkably free of it ... Nevertheless, and I think this very significant, it was Płońsk that sent the highest proportion of Jews to Eretz Israel from any town in Poland of comparable size. We emigrated not for negative reasons of escape but for the positive purpose of rebuilding a homeland ... Life in Płońsk was peaceful enough. There were three main communities: Russians, Jews and Poles. ... The number of Jews and Poles in the city were roughly equal, about five thousand each. The Jews, however, formed a compact, centralized group occupying the innermost districts whilst the Poles were more scattered, living in outlying areas and shading off into the peasantry. Consequently, when a gang of Jewish boys met a Polish gang the latter would almost inevitably represent a single suburb and thus be poorer in fighting potential than the Jews who even if their numbers were initially fewer could quickly call on reinforcements from the entire quarter. Far from being afraid of them, they were rather afraid of us. In general, however, relations were amicable, though distant."

"Golda Meir was born in Kiev when Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire. She grew up in the United States and moved back and forth between Palestine and the United States. "Golda Mabovitch (Ukrainian: Ґольда Мабович) was born on May 3, 1898, in Kiev, Russian Empire, present-day Ukraine, to Blume Neiditch (died 1951) and Moshe Mabovitch (died 1944), a carpenter. Meir wrote in her autobiography that her earliest memories were of her father boarding up the front door in response to rumours of an imminent pogrom." Did a pogrom occur? How old was she? Three or four years old?

"Shimon Peres was born Szymon Perski, on August 2, 1923, in Wiszniew, Poland (now Vishnyeva, Belarus), to Yitzhak (1896–1962) and Sara (1905–1969 née Meltzer) Perski. The family spoke Hebrew, Yiddish and Russian at home, and Peres learned Polish at school. He then learned to speak English and French. His father was a wealthy timber merchant, later branching out into other commodities; his mother was a librarian. Peres had a younger brother, Gershon, and was a first cousin of American film star Lauren Bacall (born Betty Joan Perske)."

Theodor Herzl, who came from a wealthy family in Hungary, dreamed up Zionism while at university in Vienna. (He had to have position to get into university in the nineteenth century. It was not like today when any fool can get into university and get a degree.) 

These are the Zionist organizations used to create terror in Palestine before the ethnic cleansing of 1948 that created Israel and the serious terror began. 

HAGANA poster

Irgun badge


HAGANAH men in the British Army


These terrorist organizations are the foundation of Israel, the IDF (Israel Defence Forces), Mossad and Shin Bet. This is your tax dollar at work, Americans. You support these terrorists today. A staggering $84,854,827,200 was given to Israel between 1949 and 1997. This fortune was not distributed evenly among Israel's small population. A few got most of it. Wow! That's a really successful criminal operation. Al Capone was nothing compared to this. Corruption thrives on plunder. Support continues to increase year-after-year. Palestinians, who are Israel's primary victims, are defenceless. Palestinians have no military now and had no military at any time in the past. 

Israel has the unlimited mind-control system, the financial, military, and diplomatic backing of the U.S.A. to cultivate its insanity — Any racist-paranoiac ideology is insane. Look at Bibi. Listen to him. He's nuts. He should be locked up where he can't hurt himself or anyone else. Yitzhak Rabin is the only one of Netanyahu's predecessors who was not insane. Although he was one of them, they murdered Rabin when he acquired his sanity. Are we going to let them kill us all? Crazy people with nuclear weapons (or weapons of any kind) are dangerous. Look at Washington. Wake up!

Israel Defence Force (IDF)

WELCOME to the Master Race. Homicide is their answer to anyone they accuse of anti-Semitism.

You aren't a Jew? Guilty. 
You are a "self-hating Jew"? Guilty. 
You dare to criticise us? Guilty. 
You don't obey? Guilty.
You have what we want? Guilty.

You are Untermensch if it suits us.

Have you seen that before? Where? This is insanity. It is the definition of insanity.

False flag operations and false histories can support the need for the Zionist program, but the best way, by far, is to get everyone to hate Jews. Turn everyone into anti-Semites. How? If Jews commit fithy crimes so heinous they create fear, revulsion, and hatred, BINGO. Then, Zionists can say, "See, we were right all along. We aren't crazy. Everyone hates us. Jews are only safe inside Israel, the Jewish fortress that we have created. We're so smart. Smarter than God, himself. Who needs God?" 

Is that their strategy? 

Should I be killed you will know what happened and who did it. - ed

Unearthing Truths:
Israel, the Nakba, and the Jewish National Fund
This special issue of Moving Forward commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the Arabic word for ‘catastrophe.’ The Nakba refers to the expulsion and dispossession of 750,000 Palestinians from their homeland during Israel’s creation (1947-1949).
In this issue, the editors have assembled material that lays out the historical record of those years to show that the Nakba was the result of a deliberate policy of mass expulsion, dispossession, and ethnic cleansing—a strategy designed to ensure that the Palestinians who had lived on the land for generations would be barred from ever returning.
The issue also zeroes in on the fundamental role played by the 117-year-old international organization, the Jewish National Fund (JNF), in facilitating that dispossession.

The Real "Ultra Orthodox" Jews.

You have never heard of Neturei Karta because the world-wide-mind-control system is owned and controlled by Zionists.

Sorry if we hurt your feelings

This is what Albert Einstein thought of Zionism way back.

Growing like cancer.

APRIL 25, 2018
The Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago

ALBERT EINSTEIN, along with other Jewish luminaries, including Hannah Arendt, published a letter in the New York Times on December 4, 1948. That was only a few months after Israel had declared its independence and as hundreds of Palestinian villages were being actively demolished after their inhabitants were expelled.

The letter denounced Israel’s newly-founded Herut party and its young leader, Menachem Begin.

Herut was carved out of the Irgun terrorist gang, famous for its many massacres against Palestinian Arab communities leading up to the Nakba, the catastrophic ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their historic homeland in 1947-48.

In the letter, Einstein, and others described Herut (Freedom) party as a “political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to Nazi and Fascist parties.”

For a letter of this nature to appear a mere few years after the end of World War II and the devastation of the Holocaust is a profound indication of the clear chasm that existed among Jewish intellectuals at the time: the Zionists who supported Israel and its violent birth, and those who took the high moral ground and objected to it.

Sadly, the latter group – although still in existence – had lost the battle. 


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