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by Morley Evans

British troops on the Western Front

Had The British Army not gone to France in 1914 to prevent the Germans from outflanking the French defences, the result would have been the same as the Franco-Prussian War in 1870. While that war was a colossal slap in the face to French pride, it did not result in the historic catastrophe the Great War caused. 

Had the British Army not gone to France in 1914, nothing that happened since then would have happened. No Lenin, no Trotsky, no Russian revolution, no Stalin, no Hitler, no Mussolini, no Second World War, no Cold War, no Israel, no Middle East embroglio, no American bully.

Great Britain spent a million dollars a minute for four years to fight the Great War. A million dollars then was a colossal sum. Great Britain won a phyrric victory. Britain was wrecked. That money largely went to buy American war materiel and food. 

Then, after getting Great Britain into war with Germany (again) Churchill "negotiated" lend-lease with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and got a very dodgey "ally". Next Churchill shipped all Britain's gold and securities to Canada with Operation Fish. That money was used to buy more American war materiel and food. 

Those good old Yanks saved us!

Winston Churchill was personally responsible for numerous major calamities throughout his life. Somehow, Churchill always continued on. He has received honours he does not deserve. Standard history (which Churchill wrote) is wrong. Churchill and what he did needs to be re-examined. That goes double for American history.

In 1914, the British were frantic about losing their position as world hegemon to Germany. Paradoxically, Germany sought to build an alliance with the British before the Great War. Germany did build the High Seas Fleet but did not want to challenge the Royal Navy or the British Empire. 

It will be hard for people today to believe that Hitler — who has been blackened as history’s most evil villain — had the same foreign policy objectives toward Great Britain as his predecessors. Churchill would have none of that. Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 and bombed Berlin — a year before the Battle of Britain began.

Neville Chamberlain had guaranteed British support to Colonel Jozef Beck, the Polish dictator. Amazingly, the British had disarmed after the Great War. France wondered how Britain could guarantee anything when it no longer had an army. Thanks to Churchill, the Royal Navy was a shadow of its former self.

Meanwhile, Germany had been secretly rearming during the Weimar Republic years with the support of the Soviet Union! The British financial morass was created by Winston Churchill when he was the Right Honourable Chancellor of the Exchequer. During the interwar years, while the Royal Navy was being neutered by the Washington Naval Treaty, the US Navy was being built up by the Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The truth truly is stranger than fiction.

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