Saturday, April 7, 2018


© MMXVIII V.1.0.1
by Morley Evans

They need no introduction.

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER "Two Minutes of Hate" from 1984? Now we have two leaders to hate. We have Putin and Trump to hate. Here in Canada, which is part of the American mind-control system, everyone hates Trump. It is a visceral hatred. If one starts any conversation about anything the other party who could be anyone will start ranting about Trump after a sentence or two. They will guide the conversation to Trump so they can vent. That's success! Canadians are completely brainwashed and they are not even the primary target. Putin and Russia are not hated as much as Trump. A little more work is needed to boost Canadian Russophobia but Canadian leaders all do support Washington's war on Russia. When Washington says, "Bark!" Canadian leaders all say, "Woof!" Zionists are firmly in control here too, of course. Yes, Canadians will believe anything they are told to believe. Canadians are especially proud of their clear-headedness, impatriality (Canadians are not predjudiced like some people we know), Canadian Medicare, Canadian hockey and Canadian air-head duhmockrisy.

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