Friday, April 6, 2018


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by Morley Evans

THE DPRK SHOULD GIVE UP ITS NUCLEAR WEAPONS as soon as the United States gives up its nuclear weapons. The DPRK should stop conducting war games in Canada and Mexico as soon as the United States stops conducting war games in South Korea. The DPRK should stop intimidating the United States and its allies with sanctions and belecose ultimatums. The DPRK is making the world less safe with its irresponsible childish actions. The DPRK should not try to make friends with South Korea or anyone else. 

World peace will only come when the DPRK resumes its role as the completely isolated and friendless “hermit kingdom.” Its people deserve to live in holes in the ground and eat grass as long as they don’t eat too much grass. They must not deprive others of their fair share. The Toro Lawn Mower company and its employees must be protected. The environment must not be endangered. This is the way to a peaceful and happy future.

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