Monday, April 16, 2018


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by Morley Evans

Flag of Syrian Arab Republic

Originally published in Quora

Was this fake news? Everything one sees on CNN is definitely fake news. This would not be found on CNN so it could be true. I hope it is.

How can we make sense of the propaganda war over Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons?

Marcus Southworth, Chairman of International Conciliation Council
Answered 23h ago
Interesting question!

I have just spoken personally with a Syrian journalist to ask about the damage done in the recent missile attacks. He said that very few of the missiles hit their target. Most of the missiles were intercepted electronically and redirected to the desert. Some of the missiles were controlled with handheld devices and in one instance, the missile was safely landed. They sent this fully armed missile as a present to President Putin who complicated them with their technical capacity to do such a thing successfully.

I also learned that the Syrians have found no evidence of a chemical attack in Douma. They did capture a film crew who was found with video used in media campaigns to show the results of a chemical attack.

The supposed chemical weapons facility that was destroyed by the US lead coalition was actually a detergent soap manufacturer.

My friend said he lives only 300 yards from the military airbase that was said to be hit by the US and Western media. All missiles intended for that base were destroyed or intercepted. He concluded that he believes that the days of cruise missiles and Tomahawk missiles is over. Everyone learned a lot through this little event on all sides. They are calling the weapons used by the coalition as outdated and ineffective. It has actually become the basis of many jokes being passed around. Yet, President Trump and the media are calling it a successful mission.

I asked if there were any casualties from this recent attack? I was told there were three, and he laughed, it was actually the Syrians fault because they cannot assign a destination to a missile right now, all they can do is dismiss the intended target and send it in another direction. In this instance, the redirected missile hit close to a desert village which resulted in the death of three persons.

There is a lot of propaganda coming from cunning sources. Have you ever seen the multiple ISIS recruiting sites? I saw one last year sometime. At first, I thought I was reading an article from the Washington Post or some other credible news source perceived as credible. They seem well funded and articles are obviously written by some excellent journalists. I think the power of the media is being well funded and orchestrated to accomplish their objectives. How do we avoid their influence? That is the real question? Who is telling the truth?

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