Tuesday, October 5, 2010

False Flag Operations

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by Morley Evans

  • False flag operations are covert operations which are designed to deceive the public in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities. ...

Most of the terrorist activities that are reported on the "news" today are false flag operations. The best example is "9/11" which, as the new "Pearl Harbor", gave the Empire a blank cheque (they hope) to wage war everywhere, forever. The current victims are Muslims, who still believe in their religion. Everybody else has been secularized since World War II. Destroying religion is an important objective, as important as oil and money.

Pearl Harbor (Dec 1941), itself, was not a false flag operation because the Americans had actually managed to maneuver the Japanese into attacking. The Gulf of Tonkin Incident  (August 1964) which was used to start open warfare against North Vietnam perhaps never happened. [1][2] The North Koreans were maneuvered into invading South Korea (June 1950). [3] The Lusitania was sunk months before (May 1915) it was used to bring the United States into WW I (April 1917). The Germans had taken out full page ads in New York newspapers warning everyone not to sail on the Lusitania which would be carrying war matériel to England. The battleship Main was blown up (Feb 1898) in Havana harbour to start the war against the Spanish Empire. The Americans blew it up, easily defeated Spain and took over Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to start passing the baton of world domination from the British Empire to the United States. This was completed in 1945. Most casus belli like those above are manufactured excuses to declare war. The list goes on . . .

Apart from our own false flag operations, examples abound: the Nazis burned the Reichstag (1933) and blamed the Communists; Nero burned Rome (AD 64) and blamed the Christians.

False flag operations are covert. They are secret conspiracies designed to deceive the public. They are acts of treason. The traitors are the leaders and the war cabal who should be swinging from the lamp posts but who almost always get away with murder because most people believe these inveterate liars and non-believers are powerless.


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