Sunday, October 3, 2010

Terrorism 2010

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by Morley Evans

Let's be very clear about this: the only terrorists who blow things up and kill innocent people — and do it  every day — are the NATO forces, the Australian Army, the British Army, the Canadian Army and the American Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force along with contract killers like Blackwater who run amuck killing at random and staging "terrorist" attacks to blame on others like "Al Qaeda" and "the Taliban". The CIA has its own secret army which you don't know about. Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles are flown by operators in Nevada. They kill people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, by remote control. Canadians fly drones from their base in Kandahar, with similar results. Wedding parties seem to look like terrorist training camps to these idiots. Our "heroes" invaded Iraq and Afghanistan nine years ago. They are ours. You pay for them. They have killed untold tens of thousands since 9/11/2001 and even more going back to Gulf War I (1990-91). (Casualty estimates are getting harder to find as the Empire fights in cyberspace to gain control of the Internet.) They have destroyed Iraq and turned hundreds of thousands into homeless refugees. They are destroying Pakistan now and want to destroy Iran soon. They are the terrorists, not the imaginary Al Qaeda which is a creation of our military industrial complex and our intelligence establishment, led by the CIA. They, as well as the domestic "security" industries like the police, require enemies because their business is terrorism and war, not your welfare. You're lucky if you only get a traffic ticket someday. Why don't you know this? You don't know this because you are incessantly brainwashed by our "news" and "entertainment" industries which terrorize you into believing that you need to be protected and sooth you with sentimental stories for the sentimental and pornography for everyone. You do need to be protected, of course. You need to be protected from them. Wake Up!

Afghanistan War Order of Battle:

It is pretty clear from a glance at the article linked above who is Goliath in Afghanistan. Are the defenders David? The invaders (that's us) call the Afghani defenders "the Taliban", "Al Qaeda", the insurgency, the terrorists, militants and other names. From the point of view of the invaders (that's us), we are liberating Afghanistan from tyranny and avenging 9/11. Everybody knows how David vs Goliath turned out and Afghanistan isn't called "the graveyard of empires" for nothing with an unbroken string of victories stretching back almost three thousand years. Despite enjoying every advantage for the past nine years, the Pentagon, today's home of the world's military geniuses, conceded years ago that the war could not be won. And they were right! Yet, the U.S. government keeps running up astronomical debts (which can never be repaid and will never be repaid) to pour into the black hole it created for itself in the Middle East. In Iraq, things are not much better. Coalition (that's us) casualties have declined in Iraq because, like the Crusaders of yore, our forces stay inside the fortresses they have built where they are safer, but not totally safe. Yes, the Coalition is in prison, but hundreds of thousands of Iraqis are refugees, or they are dead. Their country has been destroyed. The oil bonanza that was supposed to pay for everything has not materialized: It is gone like a desert mirage along with 1/3 of the world's oil production. Our very own world-wide empire, which has lasted since the Seven Years' War (1756-1763) will likely follow it into oblivion. No one will care, least of all me.

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