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Letter to McMorris

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by Morley Evans

Date: Oct 1, 2010

Don McMorris
Minister of Health
Legislative Building, #302
Regina Saskatchewan S4S 0B3

Dear Mr. McMorris,

Thank you for your letter dated August 31, 2010 with copies of the three Patient First reports.

I’m pleased to hear you say, “The most important person in the health care system is the person the system serves — the patient.”

Unfortunately, the reality is very different. I am living proof.

I have over sixty years of experience with doctors and hospitals here in Regina where I was saved by doctors from what other doctors did. No one cares. No abuse is too outrageous to be ignored. Two doctors, a pharmacist, and two pharmaceutical companies have taken the last eighteen years out of my life.

After I was crippled and tortured for eight years by statin drugs that were prescribed to lower my cholesterol, I slipped into a coma in June 2000. The following year, I discovered, by accident, why I had been sick. It has taken me ten years to recover.

I reported my experience to the College of Physicians and Surgeons; the Canadian Medical Association; Saskatchewan Health; the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region; the Minister of Health (Saskatchewan); Health Canada; The Minister of Health (Canada); The Canadian Pharmaceutical Association; The FDA in Washington; the President of Merck-Frosst, André Marcheterre; Premiers of Saskatchewan (both Mr. Calvert (NDP) and Mr. Wall (Saskatchewan Party); the Leader-Post; the Globe and Mail; Goldhawk; the Solicitor General of Alberta (Mr. Cenaiko) who conferred with the Alberta Minister of Health (Iris Evans); The Fifth Estate; the Saskatchewan Law Society; and the Canadian Bar Association. I was not able to find a trial lawyer in Canada. My friend, Robert MacKay, who is a lawyer, eventually agreed to help me. Every American lawyer I contacted said I have a very strong case, but they could not help me. One of Regina's more prominent lawyers confided, "You have an excellent case, but you do not have a winnable case." Why not?

Every agency here in this fine country that is so proud of being the "best country in the world" has continued to ignore me and what was done to me. At the Regina-Qu’Appelle Health Region, I have been swept under the carpet by Linda Wacker and others. In court, my case was dismissed on a technicality, by a judge (Kyle) who should have been recused because he had been my lawyer for years. The statute of limitations in Saskatchewan is bizarre to say the least. This operation of incompetent doctors and lawyers who protect them is a cabal, a Mickey Mouse Club.

You and Mr. Wall have an opportunity to strike a blow for justice to begin reform of the Canadian health care system which serves doctors, administrators, regulators and pharmaceutical companies, first and foremost.

Dr. John N. Alport, M.D., the architect of my medical problems, either knew why I was ill, or he did not know why I was ill. Either way, Alport is unfit to be a doctor: all he had to do was tell me I should stop taking Zocor as he is instructed to do in the product monograph. Yet, Alport is now the Medical Director of SGI. He testifies in court on its behalf against injured people who are trying to collect what the insurance company promised to pay when it sold them a policy. Alport claims he never prescribed Zocor for me, but he wrote it down on my "chart" twice. Can this liar not even read? Perhaps Alport can use illiteracy as a defence. Dr. Annandale moved to Banff where he opened a practice in the mountain paradise. Merck and Pfizer continue to sell Zocor and Lipitor, the most profitable pharmaceutical drugs in history. They rake in billions every year from these two drugs alone. The pharmacist, Ast, sold his business and retired scot-free. Medical care in Canada continues to be the most expensive item in every government budget. Patients die. No one cares whose job it is to care.

Heartfelt thanks go to to Drs. Cenaiko and Buwembo for saving my life and to dozens more who helped put me back together again, especially my sister, Merna.

Morley Evans

cc: Mr. Wall


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