Friday, September 24, 2010

Letter to Dr. Judy

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by Morley Evans

Ambrose I. Lane, Sr.
Dear Dr. Judy,

While reviewing some of your interviews, I noticed that Ambrose I. Lane, Sr. had been fired the day after his last interview with you. I wasn't able to find that story again. I'll have to check my history log to find it. What I did find were stories that he had died on September 15, 2010 at 75 years of age. What? That was last week! It didn't make the news here in Canada. I am sorry to see him gone. I had just discovered him.

I bought a few things today from your website.

I've been wandering around your website looking at the evidence. From what I can tell, all the buildings were destroyed, not just WTC 1 & 2 and 7. The top floors of WTC 1 & 2 were damaged and on fire. Then they were turned into micro dust. How? I don't know. Only the people who did it know. Was it Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan? Mullah Omar, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Ali Baba and the forty thieves, or Aladdin and his magic lamp?

Probably not.

For a few seconds, after "dustification", the twin towers retained their form, then they disintegrated spectacularly. The remnants of the central core of WTC 1 survived for a few seconds after its tower disintegrated. Then they too disintegrated before our eyes as an excellent example of what happened to both towers. It wasn't smoke. It was dust. Most of the material formed a huge dust cloud that floated off on the breezes to settle over lower Manhattan and its waterways. Some was carried off far away on the upper winds. WTC 7 dropped silently a few hours later. It is no exaggeration to say it disappeared. "Poof." WTC 3 (the Marriott Hotel) is gone. WTC 6 had a huge hole bored down in the middle of the building. I don't know what happened to WTC 4 and 5. They may have been removed. The bathtub is intact and keeps out the Hudson River still. They have been trucking out something for years. What?

The process that turned steel, concrete, offices and people to dust continued long after the initial destruction. Dust was pervasive. It rose from sidewalks and parking lots far from the towers. The process may be continuing today, nine years after the attack. The dust that didn't drift away seems to have turned into dirt. What is this dirt? It looks like potting soil. Workers were hosing down the WTC from day one. They were still doing it years later. Trucks were busy moving dirt in and hauling dirt out. What have they been doing?

On this ninth anniversary of 9/11, I had assumed that they finished removing the rubble and cleaning up the site years ago. As you have noted, they removed most of the rubble and sent it to China only a few minutes after the buildings had collapsed. Those American workers are certainly productive! Wow. Who could compete with American workers? Has anyone asked these workers what they are, and were, doing down there everyday for years? Whatever else the workers have been doing, they have been busy destroying the crime scene every day since the crime was committed nine years ago.

Apparently there were no nukes, no radiation, no molten pools of metal, no Vesuvius-like pyroclastic flow like the one that entombed Herculaneum in AD 79 (the huge cloud was not hot but it did look like a volcanic cloud), no seismic footprint. There were strange things everywhere like toasted cars as far away as a mile and a half, flipped cars, missing engine blocks, bright orange rust, fires that weren't fire but looked like fire, leaves left on trees standing beside destroyed cars. There was paper everywhere. Why was paper not turned into dust? Why was paper not on fire that was lying on the pavement beside cars that were on fire? There were few people to treat or bury! Where were they? The media mourns the lives lost, but never asks this question. We were originally told that tens of thousands of people worked every day at the WTC. Hospitals and doctors were ready. They say that fewer than 3,000 were killed. It was a regular working day. Where were they?

The WTC was stuffed with telephones. It was a global communications hub. Why don't we have a record of what the people in the towers were saying? We know people were there, we could see them walking around inside WTC 1 and waving to us through the hole that was supposedly made by a Boeing which set the place on fire. Why were they silent? Why weren't they on fire? Were the phones disconnected? Did they not have a cell phone?

Hurricane Erin was stuffed into the Memory Hole. As far as everyone knows, it was a clear beautiful day in New York on Tuesday 11 September 2001. The residents of "the media capital of the world" don't know that a huge hurricane raged right on their doorstep. You, yourself, have been working for years on 9/11 and I discovered you only a few days ago. The Memory Hole works well, but it isn't perfect. It took nine years, but I found out about you and what you have to say!

I have gotten used to the lying media, but I am still surprised by this. I have been getting my news from Internet sources now for years. I can see what is not reported and what most people are unaware of. People who are the best informed by the main stream media are the worst informed. Well informed people know less than a hermit living in the woods would know after talking to chipmunks. The event of 9/11 convinces me that we are trapped in a psyop. Neither Gobbles nor the Politburo could dream of mind control as complete as we have here in the Free World. Was 9/11 only a bad dream? We could ask the survivors who were found down in the Warner Brothers store under one of the towers. We could ask Bugs Bunny, Foghorn or the Roadrunner. They survived without a scratch. Thank you for your work, Dr. Judy Wood!

- Morley


Andrew Johnson said...

Hi there,

Thanks for posting this.

It was an honour for me to be on Ambrose Lane's programme - doubly so because I was on with Dr Judy. It just a shame I didn't get to meet him myself.

He was one of the few who didn't believe in censorship - which many of the alternative and internet media DO. Which is probably why you only just heard about Dr Judy's Research.

You can find out about the incident whereAmbrose was fired if you google "A touch of the Hidden Hand"

PookztA said...

Hey there Mr. Evans,

Thanks so much for checking out the evidence Dr. Judy Wood has gathered, especially in this time of government corruption and closed-minded "truth" seekers. Thanks also for sharing some of your experiences and impressions of the evidence Dr. Wood has gathered.

I too have come to realize that explosives do not explain all the evidence, not even close, and that the thousands of photos, graphs, videos, and documents Dr. Wood has gathered are an extremely important issue which more people should be discussing.

So, thanks again and keep up the great work in spreading awareness and promoting mature discussion about this very important topic.

Best wishes,


Abraham Hafiz Rodriguez
M2 Medical Student
B.S. Biology / Neurobiology

Morley Evans said...

Thank you for your encouraging remarks. They are most appreciated! - Morley