Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dr. Judy Wood

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by Morley Evans

I was wrong.

Mini nukes did not blow up the World Trade Center (WTC). One look at the completely undamaged seven storey basement area and the undamaged "bathtub" which still protects the WTC from being flooded by the Hudson River, disproves the mini nuke hypothesis.

Something blew up the WTC. It wasn't Thermate or dynamite and blasting caps, either. One look at the tremendous explosive force disproves all such ideas. The Big Boeing official story is just a joke. "But I saw the planes with my own eyes." You watched a TV show along with millions of others. Sorry, you are mistaken.

Dr. Judy Wood has collected thousands of photos which clearly show what did not happen, namely, none of the above. They also show phenomena that indicate exotic forces were at work. They look like something from The Twilight Zone. The 9/11 TV show was fake. These photos are real and they are bizarre.

Go here: to see the evidence. It will blow your mind. Dr. Judy's book Where Did The Towers Go? will be released soon.

Before reading further, Dr. Judy Wood states, "It is not my position that '9/11 was or wasn't an inside job.' I am a scientist, not a conspiracy theorist or a politician."

Yet, from the evidence one can infer that directed energy weapons — or something — were used to destroy the WTC. What exactly? We don't know exactly, whatever it was can't be purchased at the local gun shoppe. It would have been created by the military industrial complex of "the world's only remaining superpower." It was not created and used by Pashtun tribesmen in Afghanistan, or Saddam Hussein, or the Saudi royal family or Osama bin Laden. The Iranians had nothing to do with it.

It was not created and used by SPECTRE, or Dr. Evil, or the Russians.

How do we know? In the movies, an evil force holds the world at ransom by threatening terror if its demands are not met. The ransom demand was delivered by George W. Bush when he addressed the joint session of Congress after 9/11. "You are either with us, or you are with the terrorists."

With these words, Bush proclaimed, "All power to us." He might as well have said, "We want a gazillion dollars," like Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies. A gazillion dollars would come a few years later with the world-wide financial meltdown when they started printing money at an even faster rate than they had been printing it before. Can global hyperinflation be far behind?

That night, George W. Bush, who was fond of calling himself, "the most powerful man in the world," launched the greatest power grab yet in American history. That night, top members of the American power élite sat in Congress licking their chops as they anticipated getting even more.

This story is not over.

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