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WTC Demolition

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by Morley Evans

The CBC replayed "102 Minutes That Changed the World" last night. In my opinion the documentary illustrates how worthless eye witness testimony really is. Anyone who thinks he or she knows what happened "because I was there" has no idea what happened. Mass confusion reigned for 102 minutes. I do not think any planes hit any buildings. What people watched from the ground were "special effects" created with explosives and Thermate. An aluminum soda pop can cannot penetrate a tank or even a Brinks armoured truck. It doesn't matter how fast it is flying. If it could, we'd better tell the Army. What millions watched on TV was a TV show. Many people inside the towers found out what was happening from the TV broadcast. The coup de grâce was almost certainly delivered by a mini nuke in the basement of each building. Nothing else could reduce the buildings to dust in a few seconds. Although the meagre remnants of the buildings were shipped off as scrap to New Jersey, India and Africa, some evidence of three thermonuclear events will remain for a long time. I wonder if I could go to 9/11 Ground Zero and start poking around? I couldn't? Why not? 

Never mind. Others have poked around.

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Do mini nukes exist? Fifty years ago, the U.S. Army demonstrated small-yield tactical nuclear weapons to Robert Kennedy and other big wigs at the nuclear test range in Nevada. These bombs were small enough to be lifted by one man. Our weapons industry has not been idle the past half century. They are industrious. They are an industry. More and better weapons exist today. Furthermore, explosions can be directed so no blast goes into undesired areas. This is clearly demonstrated by the US Army Claymore landmine with its inscription FRONT TOWARD ENEMY. The mine is flat. All blast goes in one direction only. All blast drives steel pellets forward to kill the enemy. None goes behind, or up or down. In the case of the WTC, each blast was vertical with a focus of 1,000 feet.

A sequence of timed detonations on various levels in WTC 1 & 2 would ensure the buildings would appear to fall straight down. Boob, boom, boom, boom, boom is what a fireman says he heard when he was trapped — yet safe — in a stairway at the bottom of one of the towers. He was rescued and survived to tell the tale. Perhaps his story is disinformation, as might be the testimony of the President of Controlled Demolition, Inc. who has stated that conventional controlled demolition did not demolish the WTC. That is true. It did not. The towers were vapourized and turned into dust. Poof!

The thesis of this essay is that the WTC was blown up. It did not collapse. After you look at the evidence, you can decide for yourself.

M18 Claymore anti-personnel mine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Videos for davy crockett nuke

The large section of the South Tower that appears ready to fall in the photo above did not fall. It was photographed at the instant it was vapourized just before it turned into dust along with the rest of the building. The dots in the photo above it are pieces of the very heavy outer steel wall. Each dot weighed tons. They did not reach the ground. They were photographed moments before they turned into dust and floated off on the breezes. Everyone saw the enormous dust cloud. Great explosive force was required to produce the effect that you can see. Jet fuel (which is kerosene), dynamite and Thermate cannot do this no matter how hard you try. People who say, "Don't believe your eyes, believe me," are lying.

The WTC buildings did not collapse. They were blown up. Gigantic steel columns, reinforced concrete, office furniture and people were sublimated into microscopic dust particles. Huge clouds of this dust floated off on the breezes and settled as dust all over lower Manhattan and its waterways. Virtually nothing of these huge buildings was left on the sight of "Ground Zero". Where did they go? Duh. Open your eyes!

This video shows remnants of the central core of the North Tower (WTC 1) standing momentarily then disintegrating to dust right before your eyes. Poof! This is an excellent example of what happened.

Here are the blueprints of the WTC towers 1 & 2

Here is some footage shown on ABC. This first segment is apparently a candid shot of a fireman out on the street for some unknown reason. Then the camera turns 90° and up to zero in on WTC 1 just in time to catch the "first jetliner" crashing into WTC 1. It passes through the steel wall like a hot knife slicing through butter. This is shown in close up in a later segment. Another "candid" segment taken from an extremely low angle shows the right side of a man's face with WTC 2 in the background. The camera just happened to be in position to catch the "second jetliner" slicing into WTC 2 and exploding out the side of the tower. Again, the plane cuts through the steel walls like a hot knife cutting though butter. While there would have been reason to watch and film the towers after the "first jetliner" had been reported as having caused a gigantic hole in WTC 1, there was no reason to film WTC 1 before something had been reported. Airplanes are not necessary to cause the damage that everyone could see. Explosives would certainly cause the damage whereas planes would not.

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Centre, benefitted enormously from its destruction. The WTC had a large vacancy rate as well as a looming asbestos removal problem that would have cost a fortune to solve. Larry got lucky. Larry Silverstein even sued his insurance company so he could double his money! What a lucky guy.

WTC post demolition examination:

Conspiracy? Yes, indeed! It's not a theory.

The uncomfortable fact is that these demolitions could not have been carried out by the people we are told carried them out. Aluminum airplanes could not penetrate the outer structural steel walls of WTC 1 & 2 or their super-strong floors that reinforced the structure. The huge concrete and steel central core of each tower disappeared! The supposed pilots could not have flown the supposed airliners. Outsiders did not have access to the WTC complex. (The brother of George W. Bush, Marvin Bush, and his security contractors had full access for months.) The accused do not have nuclear weapons. Yet people in Muslim countries are blamed for 9/11 and we have been raising Hell, destroying their countries and killing them for nine years. Many believe this is justice. Do you?

If the accused didn't do it, who did? You know the answer. Don't you.

The planes? What about the planes? The planes were loaded with explosives, boarded by unsuspecting passengers and crew, hijacked electronically, flown out over the Atlantic and detonated. The planes everyone saw on TV were fairly simple computer animations. Footage was fed to the TV networks which broadcast the lie to millions world-wide.

Don't the people responsible care about the 3,000 who were killed at the WTC? Do they care about the hundreds of thousands who have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do they care about the Lebanese or the Palestinians who have been dispossessed and killed? They do not care about them and they do not care about you either. So wake up.

WTC first responders

Iraq's Resting Places

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