Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corruption May Be Good

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Corruption May Be Good? How could corruption be good? This is how:

When corrupt people are in positions of authority, they can use their power to extort payment that will affect what they allow. So a judge, policeman, bureaucrat and legislator, could decide to make a just ruling if he is bribed. It's a possibility. He is an extortionist. He knows what he is.

Bribery is unknown in a country like Canada. Is it really? In Canada, a judge, policeman, bureaucrat and legislator cannot be bribed (not in the usual sense, anyway). It makes no difference how ignorant the official is or how unjust his decision, or how bad the statute. They are as immovable as a mountain.

There are ways to navigate through corruption. A bribe is a cost of doing business. It is much more difficult, even impossible, to navigate through a stone wall erected by ignorant smug people who make idiotic decisions that "go by the book."

Corrupt people who have power are to be preferred over idiots who have power. Of course one would be better off in a world without corrupt people and idiots — a world where justice prevails, but the world is not perfect. That is why a banana republic can sometimes be better than a duhmockricy run by sanctimonious idiots.

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