Friday, October 8, 2010

Criminal Empire

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by Morley Evans

Reforming the Canadian medical system won't be easy because it is a vast criminal empire.
A criminal empire? Is that statement going too far? Let's see:
The Canadian medical system is as old as Canada. The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) was started in 1867 a few months after Canada was created. Its original mission was to ensure that doctors were paid. The CMA was a union modeled on the British trade unions. It had only a few members at first, but it "organized" doctors aggressively. Over the years, the CMA has arrogated unto itself functions that give it considerable power. They are more than a lobby group. Unlike the American Medical Association, the CMA is a monopoly and membership is compulsory.
The CMA created the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) in 1901. The CMPA purpose is to make it next-to-impossible to sue a doctor. The CMPA does not provide malpractice insurance. The CMPA eliminates malpractice by forcing everything into the legal system which it controls. The CMPA is unique in the world. It may be unique in history. It's purpose is criminal since it has managed to arrogate the law unto itself. It is impossible to sue a doctor successfully. The CMPA claims it pays litigants when it decides they have a valid case. Really? They are the law.
How nice for them.
Nurses in Canada belong to various unions. Unions like the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses (SUN) are modeled on the British trade unions. Recently, it was revealed that a nurse in Regina earned $250,000 last year thanks to overtime. The British trade unions are one major reason for British decline since 1945.
Tommy Douglas made sure that everybody got paid when he hooked the health care system up to the provincial and national treasuries. It has been fat city ever since for doctors, nurses, administrators, hospitals and everyone involved. Medicine is to Canada what the military is to the United States and it is exactly the same in many ways. Medicine is Canada's number one expense. Saskatchewan's health care system costs as much as everything else combined. The US military is their number one expense too. Americans spend more than everyone else in the world, combined, on the military.
The Canadian healthcare system does resemble a secret society, though. That may even things up. Unions exist to maximize the incomes of members. Unions usually maintain an adversarial position with "management". Doctors think themselves above the status of "workers". As top dogs, doctors must be management. No, doctors are unionized workers without a doubt. Management (which pays the bills) is the government. The Canadian medical system has been totally captured by the service providers and their unions. Their medico-legal cabal is in control.
Let's see in Canada: medical workers (especially doctors) are not accountable for what they do, or have done, and they get paid to do it, regardless; they are insulated from criticism by public opinion and by legislation. Everyone thinks everything would be just dandy if only they were given even more money. The main purpose of the health care system is to look after itself and its members. Patients exist to provide a raison d'être: a reason to get paid. It doesn't matter if patients get well, or die. More are lined up for treatment.
My own "family doctors" have sometimes kept me returning every ten days and they have written a prescription every time. They have also required an appointment whenever prescriptions needed to be renewed. Many prescriptions were written to treat side effects which were not recognized as existing until recently. These doctors kept their waiting rooms full as a steady stream of sick people was examined by the doctor.
Are there good doctors who put patients first? Yes, there are, but, the system protects bad doctors and does not distinguish between the two. How many of each are there? No one knows. The system is extremely bad. Canadian medicine may be the worst in the world, as well as the most expensive in the world. Most Canadians believe "Medicare" is free, especially in Saskatchewan the home of Tommy Douglas who was credited by CBC as being "the Greatest Canadian."

It all sounds like a vast criminal empire to me.

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