Thursday, September 3, 2015


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by Morley Evans

Confidence artists and sleight-of-hand magicians learn how to confuse and misdirect their victims. Doctors are as good as any of them. Doctors have multiple names for every part of the anatomy and every condition that might affect the body.

Doctors have excuses to explain away every medical misdeed. Doctors have been practicing medicine for millennia. 

The pharaoh, Ramesses II (13th century BC), had doctors. Alexander the Great (4th century BC) and Qin Shi Huang (3rd century BC, the first emperor of China) had doctors. 

The Chinese doctors prescribed mercury pills. Mercury was a newly-discovered metal with magical properties. Doctors prescribed mercury to bestow on their emperor the gift of immortality. No doubt, when the emperor went insane and died, his doctors said, "We did everything we could." Doctors have been perfecting their craft for a long long time.

My case against Dr. Eidsness is very simple: 

Dr. Eidsness's treatment plan for glaucoma was to have me put one drop of Lumigan® in each eye every night and see him in two weeks and then again in six months, duh

I reported an Adverse Drug Reaction to Dr. Eidsness the first morning. My report was laughed off by Dr. Eidsness's staff (for whom Dr. Eidsness is directly responsible). I was told to continue putting drops in my eyes because "people who don't put drops in their eyes go blind." So I was supposed to continue putting drops in my eyes one hundred eighty two times before Dr. Eidsness was scheduled to see me in six months.

I was told Dr. Eidsness was out of town that first morning. Dr. Eidsness failed to take my calls after that. Dr. Eidsness failed to appear when I went to see him in two weeks. When I called to get my records from his office, I was asked if I would like to see Dr. Eidsness again. I said, "Sure, I'd like to see him again." They promised to call when my appointment was scheduled. They never called.

My eyes were damaged by Lumigan® the first night. After my examination when Dr. Eidsness failed to show up, I decided I would have been blind by Christmas — in 5 days — if I kept putting Lumigan® in my eyes. Dr. Eidsness didn't care about me, his patient. Dr. Mervitz whom I saw the other day doesn't care either. I reported my experience with Dr. Eidsness to Dr. Giocoli and to Dr. Bakouris because they had referred me to Dr. Eidsness. I never heard from them either.

Dr. Juggernath referred me to Dr. Mervitz. He wanted to know about my eyes, so I told him. After Dr. Juggernath listened to my story about Dr. Eidsness and Lumigan®, he said, "So what do you want me to do about it?"

I have 68 years of experience with doctors in Regina. With only a few exceptions (about four), this is typical. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark! 

"Off with their heads!"

Were I the king, I'd go through this place like a dose of salts. Why are the people in this shit-hole so proud of themselves? A pox on them. They are disgusting.

When I was naive, yesterday, I thought at least some people would want to improve what they do. Not here. People who believe they know everything cannot learn anything. Their ignorance is invincible. 



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