Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dr. Mervitz

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by Morley Evans

Dear Robert,

As I have mentioned I was referred to Dr. Mervitz, MD (ophthalmology), by Dr. Juggernath, MD (general practice). I gave Dr. Mervitz’s receptionist my six-page letter outlining my eye problems and my history. You’ve seen it. It is on-line. Dr. Juggernath implied that Dr. Mervitz would be interested, after Dr. Juggernath had said, “So what do you want me to do about it?"

I was unable to eMail that letter to Dr. Mervitz prior to our appointment because I was told by his staff that he doesn’t have eMail. In retrospect, I should have given my letter to his staff on my way out the door so as not to prejudice Dr. Mervitz. He put drops in my eyes which could have harmed me further.

Dr. Mervitz read my letter in snatches as he examined me. He became more and more hostile as he realized that I was impugning the sanctity of doctors in general and indicting Dr. Ryan Eidsness for a crime in particular. 

That is what I was doing. Dr. Mervitz confirmed my opinion of doctors in Regina with these gems:

  • Doctors have no legal obligation to treat anyone. A doctor can throw anyone out of his office.
  • Doctors are protected. Lawyers will not take cases against doctors. “Try to find one.” he challenged me.
  • Doctors can harm patients accidentally on purpose if they are in a bad mood. (Beware of your surgeon or anyone who puts anything into or onto your body.)
  • Doctors are not God, they are human. (But his attitude revealed that Dr. Mervitz thinks doctors are gods, like himself.)
  • Doctors have feelings. People don’t want to hurt a doctor's feelings. Doctors are sensitive. (Patients don't matter. Their welfare is of no consequence to a doctor. Patients are income opportunities, like goldfish, dogs, budgies, sheep or cattle.)
  • Doctors are not responsible for what they do. When something bad happens it is usually (always) the patient’s fault. 

A patient may have an "idiosyncratic reaction" to a drug or a treatment (Type B Adverse Drug Reaction). If that happens no one wants to know about it. So, as the Mafia says, “Justa keepa you mouth shut or we gonna breaka you bones. Capisce?" 

When one enters the big medical casino in Saskatchewan one may win or one may lose. The croupier (the doctor) doesn’t control what happens — or he might have his foot on a pedal under the roulette table or some aces up his sleeve. The deck might be marked. The dice might be loaded. The sheriff and the judge are on the take too. You pay your money to play and you take your chances.

Contrary to popular opinion that is cultivated by the medico-political class, Saskatchewan medicare is NOT free. It currently costs as much as everything else combined and its cost continues to rise exponentially. Collapse is inevitable. It cannot continue.

Dr. Mervitz illustrates why I don’t want anyone here to touch me. At least in Calgary (a different province) or Minot (a different country), there is less chance that they will know who I am. Bad doctors are my enemy. This little shit-hole is beyond redemption, Robert. My best bet is to get as far away from here as I can go. Russia or the Ukraine beckon, but I was warned yesterday that criminals there might torture me. “You mean like here," I asked?

- Morley

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This man is an arrogant idiot. He was not interested in how one of his colleagues screwed up my eyes and he had the nerve to lecture me on the sanctity of doctors.

Mervitz is a character straight out of Dickens (or the Dick Tracy comic strip): face-down and hunched over, indeterminately middle-aged, repeatedly and obsessively washing his hands like Lady MacBeth. He spoke in snatches as he furtively read the letter I gave him while he examined my eyes. His ophthalmological equipment was state-of-the-art in 1954. Mervitz made sure the door was closed and he checked the window so he wouldn't be overheard. Someone might be listening outside the house after all. Mervitz had an English-like accent. Perhaps he is English. Perhaps he is from South Africa like so many doctors here these days. Perhaps he was imported from the land beyond the Styx by the current Tory government whose election strategy is dumping billions down the medical rat hole. The Tories are keeping the rats happy, and quiet for now.

The Wrath of God is coming Dr. Mervitz.

Dr. Mervitz told me I needed cataract surgery because I have very bad cataracts. I know that. Dr. Eidsness did that to me. "You'll be very happy with the result," Dr. Mervitz said emphatically. "Oh really? What if I'm not happy with the result," I asked?

Why would I believe anything any of them say? Would you?


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