Saturday, August 30, 2008

The American Dream

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Looking at what it has done throughout its 230-year history, it can truly be said that the United States of America is both a beacon of liberty in the world, "the last best hope of mankind" and also the biggest warmongering criminal enterprise yet devised by man or devil. Please consider that it is both — at the same time.

When people become aware of the dark side of the United States, they try to determine when things changed. But they will not be able to find a "turning point". They need to consider that things have not changed. They need to consider that things have always been this way. Here are the founding myths of the United States of America:

First, Universality: Before the American War of Independence, there was a small class of élite Americans and there was a large underclass which included a substantial number of "indentured servants" (i.e. slaves, some black and some white). There was no such thing as a middle class. The élite Americans resented being treated as second-class by the élite in Great Britain. The late eighteenth century was a period of emerging liberal thought. The American élite identified with "people yearning to be free." The American élite wanted to be free of England and the British élite. Their notion of "freedom" did not include the American underclass.

Thomas Paine, the most radical liberal writer in England, was recruited by Benjamin Franklin. Franklin — who had started life, himself, as an "indentured servant" — wanted Paine to write propaganda for the American élite. Paine's writings were extremely popular with the underclass in America — as they had been with the underclass in England: the underclass wanted to move up too. It was necessary for the American élite to involve everyone in their revolution since there weren't many in the élite. Even as a popular revolution, though, only about a third of Americans wanted to be free of England. Another third wanted to remain part of the British Empire (some moved to Canada) and the rest were indifferent. Franklin was part of the élite. He signed the Declaration of Independence and became an American icon on the hundred dollar bill. Paine died, uncelebrated, in Greenwich Village. Nothing has changed: Politics is about the élite conning the masses. "Anyone can be President."

Second, Militarism: Americans have always been fascinated with munitions and their use. Americans invented the rifle. Americans invented the repeating rifle. Americans invented the handgun. Americans invented the machine gun. Americans invented the aeroplane which was immediately used for warfare. Americans invented the atom bomb. Americans invented the hydrogen bomb. The United States has always been a leading exporter of military products and military culture. In the nineteenth century, for example, Americans taught the Japanese what they needed to know to create a modern army. European powers came to learn from Americans during the Civil War. There is a very strong belief in the United States that power can be used for good. It is no accident that neo-classical (Roman) architecture has been chosen for all of the official buildings in the United States. They were not merely copying the British; the Founders saw themselves as successors to Rome, as had the British.

Third, Messianism: Americans are taught to believe that they are destined to provide a benighted world with moral leadership. They believe that their liberation from the British Empire was only the first step in emancipating the world from its oppressors. Destroying empires and spreading democracy is the goal of the United States. Ten empires were destroyed in the First World War. The Second World War destroyed the last two empires while it created two new empires. Americans do not see that they have been building their own world-wide empire as the inevitable result of what they have been doing and how they have been doing it. The United States is fertile ground for messianic pseudo religions too.

Fourth, The American Way: The American Way welds Big Business with the state. The Marines have been called out over and over to "protect American interests." (i.e.: American colonial business interests in foreign countries.) The United States has always used military force to expand. Until recently, the United States has always been able to pursue protectionism at home and colonialism abroad. Mussolini and the Soviet Union are only two examples of attempts to emulate The American Way.

Fifth, Saving the World From Itself: From the beginning, Washington has successfully used a grand strategy of "Let's you and him fight." All along, rivals of the United States have been paired off against each other to fight it out to the death. Then, after the combatants were exhausted, the United States has stepped in on one side to save the situation, and the world, at very little cost to itself. For example, the United States lost only 2% of those killed in both WW I and WW II [1] [2] yet it has always trumpeted the great sacrifice it made to save the world. In both cases cited, the United States "came in late" because its "hands were tied." These are only two examples. There are more. Coincidence? In politics, there are no coincidences. - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

For victory in the American War of Independence, the United States can thank France which came to defeat its ancient enemy, Great Britain, to get revenge for the disaster France suffered in the Seven Years War. This was the second time France had been used to serve American interests. The first instance was, of course, the Seven Years War. More will be written on this topic later.

While this formula seems unstoppable, it has not been working as well as many imagine — in particular the people who run things in Washington simply do not get it. This failure has been quite evident since 1945 when the United States officially defeated all of its enemies, especially the British Empire, to take over managing the world. People round the world want the American Dream of liberty, in as much as it stands for truth, justice, beauty and love. Nobody wants the rest. We are currently witnessing the Truth that, all evil schemes eventually come to nothing. Thank God.

- Morley


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