Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rogers Communications

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This is a symptom of a serious problem in Canada. Rogers Communications charges Canadians 20 times as much to send wireless data as people in Rwanda or New Zealand or the United Kingdom or the United States pay. Bell and Telus are only somewhat better than Rogers. Canadian wireless users are far worse off than others in the world.

"Sock it to them!" It's the Canadian way.

Canadians generally believe they are fairly treated. But Canadians are hosed by the Canadian élite. Sometimes these people are direct descendants of the Family Compact [1] which used to rule the roost and in many ways still does. The now disgraced Conrad Black is one example.

Being raped is a serious problem for most Canadians. Rape is not, of course, a problem for rapists.

The main task of any élite is to keep its subjects happy with their lot in life. Usually people console themselves by saying that they are better off than someone else. "Things could be worse." They cannot say that about wireless communications. Now can they?


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