Monday, August 4, 2008

Duhmockricy in Action

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Like everyone, I don't know who is backing Obama. But I certainly agree that it is the contributors who will elect him, not "the people". The people are manipulated by the contributors who also control the apparatuses of mind manipulation ("pubic relations"). The contributors get the where-with-all to contribute from "the people". So in a perverse way duhmockricy does work: Those who buy things like Britney Spears gossip mags, TV schlock, and hoola-hoops actually run the world, one penny at a time.

When George W. Bush was running for POTUS [1] eight years ago, I remember reading that a small shadowy, but powerful, group of insiders in the GOP was backing the little known governor from Texas. Bush was an "outsider" in Washington. After the crisis of "9/11", George W. Bush and his uncle Dick became insiders overnight. (Of course, Uncle Dick, himself, had been an insider for decades.) The neocons working for them were then seen by a few observers to be thicker than fleas on an old Texas hound. Who really controls what the hound does is a bit of a mystery still. Do the fleas control the hound, or does someone else have the dog whistle? Perhaps those "dark suits" in New York City who control the money control the hound.

Someone recently observed that the dark suits don't really approve of things being upset by wildmen like the current denizens of the White House. Perhaps the people who really control things want someone who appears to be more stable than the neocrazies. Yesterday, Exxon-Mobile announced the largest quarterly profit by anyone in the history of the world. W and his uncle Dick have certainly helped Big Oil, despite the failure of Bush's adventure in Mesopotamia to yield its first dollar of net profit. The rest of American industry is not doing so well. No doubt the dark suits who run General Motors and Ford are not too happy with the current state of affairs. The list of unhappy dark suits must be quite long in fact. Some of them may feel betrayed by the GOP.

What about John McCain? The dark suits may have little faith in another Republican retread war hero who is pretty much like Senator Bob Dole. They may be looking for someone who will better serve them while he runs the world they way they want it run.

Is it too late for that? Do the dark suits run the world anymore? Can they? The tide has shifted away from our shores. It started shifting in 1971 when the Breton Woods system collapsed.[2] At the time, Nixon closed the gold window while he opened the door to China. Once again, "the people" caused this, one penny at a time. Today they buy baubles and trinkets made in China and who knows what else that is not Made in the U.S.A. Samuel Gompers (founder of the AFL and confidant of Presidents) would be horrified. [3][4] Gompers knew what to expect if American workers had to compete with Chinese workers. Helping the workers to get ahead is difficult. Serious people have sincerely tried.[5]

It may be time for a black President. (Okay, Obama is only half black but in a country where one drop of black blood makes one black, Obama is black. That's the rule.) With a black President, the United States can point once again to the moral leadership it provides the world. Remember when JFK was elected in 1960? He was the first (and only) Roman Catholic to become POTUS. Some worried that the Pope would start dictating U.S. policy. When that failed to happen, it was decided that JFK was a step forward in moral leadership. They still think that, those who believe the U.S. provides moral leadership.

Believers patriotically endorse what is happening in the Middle East while they send their sons and daughters to kill and die in Afghanistan and Iraq. They will "support the troops" if Washington decides to destroy Iran. That could be the last thing they ever do as power shifts away from them forever. Remember "Great Britain"? They ran the world for centuries.

- Morley Evans

Thanks to W.T. McPherren for "duhmockricy".

[1] POTUS is "President of the United States"

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