Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Truth and Lies II

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Most people are not merely uninformed or misinformed, what they believe is actually the opposite of the truth.

Those who are the best informed, are the worst informed. Why is that? That is because they get their information from the world-wide mind control system, A.K.A. mainstream western media — the so-called "free press". The current "conflict in Georgia" is an excellent example. People here believe that big evil Russia invaded poor little Georgia and inflicted suffering and death on defenceless civilians. They watch footage of bombed houses and devastated people and assume that the Russians did it all. They see Russian tanks. They don't know that some of the people who have been featured are in south Ossetia and that they were attacked first by the U.S. tutored and equipped forces of Georgia. [1] Russian peacekeepers were slaughtered along with south Ossetians. Most people in south Ossetia are Russian citizens, though they are not Russians. They want to secede from Georgia.

The U.S.A. is behind support for Georgia and has pursued an aggressive policy of encirclement of Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Washington does not love peace and it never has at any time in its history.

This U.S. aggression is the main reason Putin has been able to rise and take over Russia. Russians rightly thank Putin for getting Russia up off the floor and re-establishing Russia as a power to be reckoned with again. Putin's Russia is not Yeltsin's Russia. Gazprom (the world's largest natural gas company and the world's third largest company) [2] finances the new Russia. The huge Russian missile fleet tipped with advanced nuclear weapons has been kept in good working order and is aimed at us. Washington continues on its reckless course, while demonizing Putin, of course. This same pattern has been followed over and over for 230 years. Over and over . . . Over and over . . . World War III is coming soon, unless we wake up.

Here's one antidote to the main stream media: [3] Being on their mailing list, I read something true every morning, instead of something in the Globe and Mail or the New York Times. TV? I watch that to observe the latest brainwashing. Is this 1984? You bet.

In the world wide mind control system, lies are mostly created not mainly by telling falsehoods, but mainly by leaving out important facts so people cannot "connect the dots" or when they connect the dots that they do see, they get the wrong picture.[4]

- Morley


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