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Odessa Massacre

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by Morley Evans


Dear Correspondent,

Trade Unions House in Odessa

Why do I love Putin so much, you ask?

It's not that I love Putin so much. It's that I know what's going on which is the opposite of what everyone is told and believes. When Libya was being destroyed, people asked me why I loved Gaddafi so much. After Gaddafi had been murdered like a dog and Libya had been destroyed and Libya had been looted, were those people worried anymore about the Libyans? No, they were worried about the poor Syrians who are suffering under the vicious dictator Assad — who is an ophthalmologist who was recalled from London where he was quietly practicing medicine. People are so fucking stupid, they believe any lies and bullshit they are told by the lying bullshitters they pay to tell them lies and bullshit.

The other night PBS FRONTLINE had an in-depth examination of Jason Blair a disgraced "journalist" who was dismissed from the New York Times for plagiarism and lying. So what? They are all liars. Have they ever reported any of the atrocities committed by the Zionist State in the last 66 years? Not even one has made it into the news. We aren't supposed to notice that the media is owned by Zionists. That would be anti-Semitic. The Media is a lie factory. Real journalists publish on the Internet where they don't get paid. If you want to get paid, you have to be a liar. You have to be so dishonest you don't even suspect you are a crook yourself. If you are that deluded does that make you honest? 

"How do you plead, Mr. Network Head."

"I plead not guilty, your Honor, by virtue of my appalling ignorance. It isn't my fault, sir."

This is what happened the other day in Odessa: Some Ukrainians who thought that the Ukraine should be a federation that respected everyone equally, set up tents in the square in front of the Trade Unions House in Odessa. They were attacked by some of the Nazis that Washington has helped to take over the government in Kiev and deliver the Ukraine to NATO and Washington's control. Washington has paid insurgent groups 5 Billion dollars recently to overthrow the demo-cratically elected Ukrainian government because most Ukrainians DO NOT WANT TO JOIN NATO and voted down Washington's first try to take over a few years ago. These thugs set fire to the demonstrator's tents and drove them into the Trade Unions House where they fled seeking safety. More Nazi thugs were waiting for them inside. Here's a report you can read with an English translation: SHOCKING CONTENT

Look closely at the pictures. These people were murdered. Then, they had some incendiary stuff poured onto their heads and hands and they were set on fire. I hope they were killed first but one never knows when one is dealing with crazed psychopaths caught up in blood-lust.* One woman was raped before they finished her off. Another woman, who was pregnant, was garroted and left arched backward over a desk. And the lying fuckers who run the media rambled on and on for weeks about a missing Malayan jet plane. Our hearts were wrenched as we hoped and prayed for the passengers and crew. The military of half a dozen nations cooperated to search for the missing plane. Families were interviewed. We sobbed. Everyone was reassured by the heartwarming examples of people putting aside their differences to come together to deal with tragedy and grief. Sniff. . .

The people running the propaganda system really do not care about people. THEY DO NOT CARE. Now they would have you believe they are concerned about schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Africa by Muslim terrorists. They do not care about any of them. They do not care about people. People are killed for fun and profit. They only use these things to keep control of you and your mind. They do not care about you either. They rot your brain and sell you drugs and poison and YOU BUY WHAT THEY SELL. Mind control is what they do best. Everyone believes them. WAKE UP!

You won't find out what's happening in the Globe and Mail or the New York Times, or the Washington Post or TIME or CNN or CNBC or NBC, CBC, ABC, BBC, CBS or Charlie Rose. They tell you about Muslim terrorists and Putin, the new Hitler. Do you remember that Saddam Hussein was the new Hitler? Do you remember what you ate for supper two days ago? Last week?

Arrgghhh. . . .

* After further thought, it seems likely the victims were killed with a flaming agent like napalm or white phosphorus that was sprayed into the faces of the people who sought safety in the Trade Unions House where the killers had sprung the trap they had set. Victims' hands would have been covered with the material when they instinctively tried to shield themselves from the onslaught. Victims' arms are outstretched in death and faces are grimacing in horror and pain. Forensics would reveal what happened if any investigation is done. As the narrative states, fires were extinguished so the building would not ignite, except the massive wooden door at the main entrance. The door was completely burned to nothing which could only occur if it were ignited with an incendiary propellant applied to the surface of the door. The surrounding structure was untouched as you can see. The killers are either portrayed as Ukrainian freedom-fighters or they are ignored altogether by the media here in Washington's empire which says the demonstrators in Odessa were pro-Russian rebels who accidentally set fire to the building, confusing the victims with their killers. The evidence tells a different story. One only need look.

The fire that broke out Friday at a trade-union building following rioting in Odessa killed 42 people. -Reuters

A horrific fire last week that killed dozens in a hulking Odessa building where pro-Russian protesters had taken cover was likely sparked by rebels on the roof who accidentally dropped Molotov cocktails, according to a preliminary investigation by the government. -WSJ


In fact, the killers are stooges of Washington. Their fathers and grandfathers fought with the Nazis in WWII against the Soviet Union. Hatred of Russia and Russians, in some Ukrainian minds, runs deep and across centuries, paralleling the hatred of England in some minds in Ireland that goes back a thousand years to 1066 and The Conquest.

Washington is adept at exploiting such phenomena which exist in every culture and are notable in the areas of the former Austria-Hungary (especially those that became Yugoslavia) and throughout the Ottoman Empire where people lived peacefully together for over 600 years, despite their differences. These mid-European areas and adjacent former Ottoman areas, about which most Americans know nothing, became the devil's playground after The Great War (1914-1918). Puppet masters inside Washington's power √©lite (they are the people who run the dollar empire) have always been intimately familiar with those areas because their roots are there. They are the Zionists. Some of the Zionists are the neoconservatives in U.S. politics who were "the crazies in the basement of the Pentagon," until Bush and Cheney invited them into the Oval Office. Like nearly everyone in Washington's empire, you are one of their dupes, brainwashed from birth by masters in the art. Zionists were busy in the British Empire before moving their focus to Washington, the winner of The Great War. 

I apologize for being rude but you need a good shaking.


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