Friday, May 2, 2014


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by Morley Evans

I have found high tech innovations liberating, myself, but they have a dark side illustrated here.

Henry Ford was highly suspicious of the world he had ushered in with the Model T which most people found liberating along with the many better cars that followed, especially the Model A. Ford hated credit, advertising, planned obsolescence, annual model changes, shareholders, war, Wall Street, unions, high finance, and bullshit. Ford didn't like jazz, alcohol or the people who, today, call themselves Zionists. Ford thought daily exercise was essential to maintain good health. In his later years, Ford hardly ever visited The Rouge which was the city Ford had created out of his own head to build cars. Dearborn (updated many times) is still the main production centre of the Ford Motor Company today. Henry Ford preferred to spend his time at Greenfield Village which Ford created to celebrate a simpler and more honest time in a rural America that Ford helped to destroy. As a boy, Ford disliked the farm where he grew up and he worked his whole life to free the common man who was mired in the mud, tilling the dirt. Yet, Ford saw himself as a country boy. Ford never identified with the other super-rich people like the Rockefellers. He never wanted to be one of them. The Ford estate, Fair Lane, on the River Rouge was not part of their world. Ford was a giant but Ford was not perfect either. When Henry Ford II, was preparing to assume control, his mother, Edsel's widow, told her father-in-law, "The only way my son is going to run this company is if you are gone and never come back." The old man was banished and never returned. Looking back though, it is not overstating things to say that Henry Ford created the world we are living in now.

Ford started over a century ago. The human spark has moved from Great Britain across the Atlantic to New York to Michigan to California and across the Pacific Ocean to the Far East: Japan, South Korea, India, Indo-China, and China. That is where the action is today. Terry Gou is another Henry Ford, Alfred P. Sloan or Steve Jobs. I can scarce believe what Gou has created in as many years as I have created not much of anything here in the backwater. Deng Xiaoping and Lee Kuan Yew did not waste time finding solutions to human problems with the military and politics. They put Adam Smith to work. Marxists seek to solve every problem with politics, bureaucracy, propaganda and guns, trying to make them do the work only the market can do. The United States has added financial hocus pocus to the Marxian mix with Wall Street, the Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve System which have colonized the world while masquerading as free enterprise. Washington owns the Big Casino which "is as honest as the day is long."

You may find this hard to believe, but I think Germany and Japan had to be crushed because they were threats to Washington and its plans for world hegemony. Moreover, I think Germany and Japan were used to destroy Washington's original enemy, Great Britain and the British Empire. Before the Great War, there were eleven empires. When it was over, effectively, there was one, the United States of America. After The Great Victory of '45, the Soviet Union and China became "the best enemy that money could buy." The more I study it, the more I see what happened. You can look at the evidence yourself. Most of it is just sitting in the open. Hidden bits are becoming available as researchers dig into slowly opening archives. The only thing to debate is why things happened, not what. Could it have been a long series of coincidences? I don't think so. FDR famously said, "Nothing that happens in politics is an accident." What the United States is today, cannot be denied: The United States is a garrison state that is rapidly becoming the dystopia. We are all headed for life on Prison Planet: black people, white people, yellow people and red people. 

If nothing changes, our owners will keep us around until they don't need us anymore and we can be erased at will. A technology already exists that could delete countless millions quietly. Machines and robots can already do many things some of us do now. Slaves are not very efficient and they can be hard to control. The world's élites have wanted to rid themselves of "useless eaters" for centuries. War has been a good way for 
élites to make money but it hasn't kept the world population down. The British moved "surplus populations" here and there. That's where Americans came from. Washington is good at that, but Washington excels at killing people and getting people to kill each other while blaming someone else and getting away with it. That's what is going on in the Ukraine and Syria today and what happened in the Balkans a few years ago. Economists point out that production has risen in the United States — despite jobs being "off-shored." Who needs the American workforce anyway? Unions were their own worst enemies. So what do economists think unemployed Americans will do to live? Who needs them? You aren't part of the 1% élite? Who needs you?

Washington and its empire is no longer the home of freedom, if it ever was. Duhmockricy is a fraud. Government's role must be limited to being an honest referee. Nothing more can be done with government or else crooks will take over, as they have. Canada and the former British Empire are colonies of Washington. We are the Marxists today. We are the ones who try to solve every problem with politics, bureaucracy and guns. One's position in the system, not merit gained by serving customers, is what matters here. Those at the top are above the law, which they use to keep everyone else in line while plundering and raping them. We are the victims of thought control. The commies have renounced Marxism. That is why hope for humanity is in their hands. Our masters serve Satan. God help us.

Washington intends to destroy Russia and China. That is the Wolfowitz Doctrine that guides the morons in Washington and the lickspittle, Steven Harper in Ottawa who has made Canadians Washington's only ally in the current Ukrainian imbroglio. Satan is at work. You can smell the brimstone.

до свидания
- Morley

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Sieg Holle said...

Thanks Morley -read your article and found it thought provocative and in alignment with other concerned out of the box thinkers . Personally I believe in being as independent and free from these parasitic body politic cancers as possible . CHEERS