Friday, May 30, 2014

Who Started World War I?

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by Morley Evans

Who started the Great War, AKA WW I? The British, French and Americans pinned it on Germany at the Paris peace talks that foisted the Treaty of Versailles onto the Germans. Who was the Black Hand that assassinated the Archduke in Serbia?

I think the Black Hand was clandestinely supported and encouraged by Washington that was working with subversive groups then — as Washington has been doing ever since.

Most people think American black ops started when the CIA was created after WW II by the National Security Act of 1947. Not at all. U.S. subversive groups are active in Russia today and they were active throughout the years of the Soviet Union, and before. U.S. subversive groups are active in every country on earth today. (If you want an actual American James Bond, it is Kermit Roosevelt, grandson of TR.) The people who assassinated the Archduke were put on trial in Austria after WW I. Their testimony is quite interesting. I found it years ago, possibly it is still online somewhere.

Which country has always had a liberation ideology based on freeing people by destroying kingdoms and empires? The Victorian Age of kingdoms and empires ended with the Great War, not with the death of Victoria in 1901. In 1914, there were eleven empires.* In 1918 there was one, the United States of America, the empire that is not an empire. The U.S. made tons of money in World War One and it remade the world. The United States was the only country that was untouched in both world wars. The United States had the lowest number of casualties in both world wars and it collected all the marbles both times. After the War, Stalin cautioned revolutionary comrades in Greece not to provoke the United States, "which is the greatest power on earth. We don't even have a navy."

Cui Bono?

There are always wrangling groups in every society. There are people who are good at stirring the pot and bringing it to a boil. During the Sarajevo Olympics, visitors marveled at how different ethnic and religious groups had created such a beautiful, peaceful place that had been like that for centuries. That is the same place where ancient hatreds rose to the surface and created conditions that, "We haven't seen since the Second World War." The other night, I watched Rick Steves visit Sarajevo one hot summer night recently. Peace had returned. Lovers were strolling hand-in-hand. Friends were sharing wine in outdoor cafés.

No one has any trouble imagining that the Russians, British, Germans, French, Serbians, Swedes and everyone else had secret services that conducted clandestine operations before World War One. Why not the United States? The Office of Naval Intelligence and the Secret Service were both created in the nineteenth century. The United States was running spies during the Civil War and the War of Independence. 

*1). British Empire; 2). Russian Empire; 3). French Empire; 4). German Empire; 5). Austro-Hungarian Empire; 6). Ottoman Empire; 7). Belgian Empire; 8). Portuguese Empire; 9). Spanish Empire; 10). Empire of Japan; 11). Chinese Empire (ended in 1911); and the United States of America (the empire that is not an empire and never was an empire and never has had any intentions of ever becoming an empire; So help me God.).

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