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Who Started World War II?

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by Morley Evans

WHO STARTED WORLD WAR II? Why Hitler did, of course. Everyone knows that.

Everyone knows that Germans have a dark side to their character that has to be kept under control. Don't you remember WW I? That's why Germany is still occupied by U.S. military forces 69 years after Germany was bombed into the Stone Age in WW II. Everyone knows that the Japanese also have a dark side to their character that has to be kept under control. Don't you remember Pearl Harbor? That's why Japan is still occupied by U.S. military forces 69 years after Japan was bombed into the Stone Age in WW II. Everyone knows that the British have a dark side to their character too that has to be kept under control. Don't you remember the Boston Tea Party and the War of Independence and the War of 1812? That's why Great Britain is still occupied by U.S. military forces 69 years after Great Britain was bombed into the Stone Age in WW II. (They weren't? Of course they were. Why, if the United States hadn't saved the U.K. they would all be goose-stepping to German marching music. All of their industries would be owned by Germans today. Imagine what would happen if Rolls Royce were owned by Germans, God forbid.)

It has been noted that Japan and England are like large stationary U.S. aircraft carriers where United States military forces can be stationed to keep an eye on everyone and strike at a moment's notice, if necessary, as they had to do when Libya had to be bombed in 1986 and again in 2011 when NATO was used. That is why the United States maintains a galaxy of permanent military bases in foreign countries around the world. There are at least 700 (no one has an exact count). Military bases exist to keep everyone in line so we don't have any more wars and people will no longer be oppressed by tin-pot dictators.

God Bless America.

People can't be trusted. Someone has to keep an eye on them and someone has to be willing to sacrifice their lives so we can be free. Today the Ruskies are up to no good again. After Ronnie brought an end to the Cold War, the United States invited everyone to become a member of NATO as a good-hearted friendly gesture. Then, for a few years, Russia was a partner in peace with our friends in Europe. Did the Russians disarm and join us with a warm bear hug? No, they acted as if they didn't trust us. They kept their ICBMs and nuclear warheads. They have kept their powder dry. They may even have developed their own missile defence system. Who knows what they've been doing. Someone has suggested that the Russians have their own pre-emptive first strike — sneak attack — doctrine to counter our own. People can't be trusted. Don't you remember the Cold War? The Russians have expanded sales of Russian oil and natural gas to the Europeans, making them hostages of Moscow, which is not very friendly. They have begun supplying China too with natural gas, oil, and all those raw materials that fill the vast expanse of Russia that stretches across nine time zones: coal, iron, copper, uranium, timber, gold, diamonds.

The Chinese and Russians have started doing business using Chinese and Russian money instead of the "good as gold" U.S. dollar and the Bank for International Settlements, the central bank of central banks located in Switzerland. If others did that the dollar empire would collapse like a house of cards. Then where would we be? Don't you remember The Great Depression? Saddam and Gaddafi thought they could get rid of the dollar. Where are they now? Serves 'em right.

People can't be trusted. The Chinese are worse than the Russians. Since Nixon opened the door to trade with China, China has become the shop floor of the world. Practically everything anyone buys anywhere today is made in China. The high tech industries of India are sending their designs and specifications to be manufactured in China! American, Canadian, Japanese, South Korean, British and European companies are doing the same thing. Where will this lead? We buy their stuff and they take over the world. The workers here in the free world are out of work. Good $90-dollar-an-hour jobs have been lost to Chinese workers who will produce very high-quality goods for much less. A few years ago the United States had the highest-paid industrial workers in the world. Today the heartland of American heavy industry has become "the rust belt." Detroit looks worse than a Third World city or a Mayan city that has been taken over by jungle. Foxconn manufactures all the products designed and sold by all the high tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic. If these companies know they can't trust each other, why do they think they can trust Terry Gou? Don't they know people can't be trusted? People must be watched.

Fortunately, we are watching them. The United States has "the most powerful military the world has ever seen." The United States spends more on the military than every other country in the world — combined. The Pentagon is the central command of the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force. The Pentagon has the world divided into six commands controlled by the Joint Chiefs of Staff: USNORTHCOM, USSOUTHCOM, USEUCOM, USCENTCOM, USAFRICOM, and USPACOM. Russia and China are included with everyone else since they are part of Washington's world-wide scheme for universal peace and prosperity — which is not an empire. Russia and China need to be brought into line as Germany, Japan, Great Britain and the rest of the world's countries have been forced to do, voluntarily, for their own good. People can't be trusted. They have to be watched.

Along with the military, the United States of America maintains the United States Intelligence Community which is comprised of twenty intelligence services. They include the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence (which broke the Japanese military codes months before Pearl Harbor was attacked so FDR could read everything the Japanese were saying and thinking). The CIA has its own secret armies and air force. (Air America transported all U.S. troops to Vietnam.) The NSA collects all electronic communication — world-wide — and stores everything in the world's largest and most sophisticated computer installation in Idaho. Everything everyone writes or says is being collected right now, so "Watch what you say."

Law enforcement and justice are very important in the United States. The United States has more people in prison than any other country, including China which has a much larger population. This illustrates how efficiently the United States detects, hunts and incarcerates people who are a threat. The Federal Bureau of Investigation leads the world in investigative procedures and surveils the domestic landscape, co-ordinating its activities with state and local law enforcement agencies. Americans are protected. In Los Angeles, for example, law enforcement agencies that protect citizens 24/7 include: LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), LA County Sheriff's Department, FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms), CHP (California Highway Patrol), U.S. Marshals Service, California Department of Corrections, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service), California State Police (merged with CHP in 1995), along with Wackenhut, Pinkerton's, and dozens of private security and investigation companies, large and small. A uniform structure exists across the United States, so while Los Angeles may be the largest urban county in the United States, LA is representative of the structure that exists everywhere. People in the United States are protected. The Department of Homeland Security is a new federal agency created after "9/11" to protect Americans from terrorism.

After World War II, people in the Third World misunderstood the Declaration of Independence in the same way that blacks, hispanics and others misunderstand it. They thought it applied to them. Well no, it doesn't. This misunderstanding has led to many problems since 1945. With the Great Victory of '45 and the defeat of fascism and militarism in the world, people looked to the United States as their saviour. Had any of the 99% looked at the Constitution itself and the various Amendments to the Constitution, he would have seen a great discrepancy between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The United States was created by and for the American oligarchs who were declaring their independence from the British oligarchs. "We the People" did not include the 99% who were, and are, and will remain, the underclass. The Magna Carta in the same way declares rights for the Barons (the oligarchs) as opposed to the King. "We're just as good as you," both documents claim, "and don't you forget it."

Mind control is essential if a tiny minority (1%) is to control a majority (99%). The majority must accept its lot in life. The majority must believe justice is the law of the land and that they are better off than people elsewhere. The media and the education system are invaluable assets of the 1%. People must believe they can rise to the top. People must believe what they are doing is right. Psychological warfare must be used to help people to arrive at conclusions that help their rulers. Propaganda is one of the tools. To be successful, propaganda must be subtle. Most of what a message contains must be true; only a small portion can be untrue. Contradictory items must be censored to reduce as much as possible any cognitive dissonance. Omission is as important as content. A picture made up of dots can be made to look like something that is entirely different from what it represents if the right dots are omitted. Entertainment and education are vital aspects of psychological warfare because the attention of the target group can be drawn away from what it is not supposed to see. Magic tricks and slight of hand rely on diversion as much as concealment. State-level civilization relies on psychological warfare that is waged by the rulers on the populations they rule. General consent granted by the mass, not coercion, is essential.

Very few people understand money. Those who control the money, control the realm. Most of the people who work in the financial industry do not understand money. They are functionaries. Real power is wielded by their bosses who run "the banks too big to fail" like J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs who also run the Federal Reserve System and the United States Treasury. The Secret Service has two jobs: to protect the POTUS (President of the United States) and to protect the U.S. dollar upon which all U.S. power resides.

Who started World War II?

Who started the French and Indian Wars (known as the Seven Years War outside the United States)? Who started the War of Independence? Who started the War of Texas Independence? Who started the War of 1812? Who started the Mexican War? Who started the Meiji Restoration? Who started the Civil War? Who started the Spanish American War? Who started the Great War? Who started the Cold War? Who Started the Korean War? Who started the War in Vietnam? Who has restarted the Cold War? Who is planning and preparing to start World War III?

Who started World War II? Hitler?

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