Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canada Day 2014

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by Morley Evans

Oh, Canada!

I, myself, am rather sour on the true north strong and free after 66 years of abuse here in Regina

Canada's anthem was written by an American in Boston who was born in Québec. Had the Québecois supported Benedict Arnold when he invaded Canada in 1776, there would be no Canada. The Calgary Stampede, a Canadian icon, was created by a cowboy from New York City. The Northwest Mounted Police (the RCMP) got to western Canada on a train from Chicago. They got to Chicago on a boat. Many of the Canadians who repulsed the American invasions during the War of 1812 had emigrated to Canada a few years before from the United States!

Those who love Canada are welcome to the snow every winter and the mosquitoes every summer and the smug, corrupt, institutions every day. After losing the Seven Years War, France had to choose between Canada (New France) and Haiti. France chose Haiti. 

Beware, Canadians, retribution as the next Ice Age is coming when your homeland will be crushed under an ice sheet a mile deep. So much for Global Warming and Maurice Strong, the professional liar from Winnipeg — repent!

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