Wednesday, June 18, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Dear PCR:

Your article on Professor Boyle and Impeachment.

I'm hoping for the collapse on the U.S. dollar. Its destruction will wash away Washington and its empire in a financial tsunami. I think that is what is going to happen. As you said, after WWII the economy of every country was destroyed, except the economy of the United States. Washington reached its zenith during the Eisenhower years. It's been a long slow decline ever since while every other country rebuilt. As you say, today there are many very strong economies in the world while the U.S. economy has been gutted by offshoring jobs and by fiscal malfeasance at home. Greenspan and Bernanke did us in. Ninety-dollar an-hour workers cannot compete with foreigners who will do the same work, or better, for much less. Russia, China, and India have rejected Marx, British-style bureaucracy and trade union socialism while we have embraced Marx and kleptocracy. They, learning from Singapore, have put Adam Smith to work. Here in America — the arsenal of the world — war is largely what is left along with service-sector jobs — lawyers, media liars, hamburger flippers and Walmart greeters. Washington must have war, but war can't save Washington. There is no more reason for the world to have a reserve currency as it once had with the Pound Sterling and, since WW II, the U.S. Dollar. Washington must go and soon. This empire didn't last a thousand years. It didn't even last much more than half a century. It is already finished.

Here's a thought: Think Different

- Morley

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