Friday, June 13, 2014

Think Different

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by Morley Evans

Steve Jobs told us to "Think Different." It's time to start:

WASHINGTON MUST GO and soon. Americans need to build a new country based on American ideals which include freedom and justice for all and do not include Washington, its empire, Wall Street or the military. Everything outside the beltway is Washington's empire. People in the South will have no trouble understanding this. People in the rest of the United States need to learn it too. Washington was the winner of the Civil War, not "The Union." Americans need to rethink what their country is and what is their place in their country. They can start in a few days: on the Fourth of July.

Russia and China rejected Marxism which tried to replace the market with bureaucracy and politics. Simultaneously, the "Free World" adopted Marxism, replacing the market with bureaucracy and politics. The Soviet Union and Red China lost the old Cold War and we will lose the new Cold War for the same reason. The chickens are coming home to roost. Looking back at our record, no one will shed a tear when we are gone. We'd better make amends.

This is the time to Think Different. Start now.

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