Monday, June 16, 2014

Jewish Voice For Peace

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by Morley Evans
I support Jewish Voice for Peace and anyone else who wants to bring peace, dignity and justice to the world. After watching the news, you might be surprised that nearly everyone everywhere wants peace. The Middle East is one sore point. Sadly, it is but one of many.

One either supports crime or one does not support crime. The Zionist State that calls itself "Israel" is a criminal enterprise. "Israel" masquerades as "The Jewish State" while it bullies Jews in the "diaspora" into providing financial support and remaing silent, or else. Zionism conceals its crimes behind a veil of anti-Semitism that it weaves on Satan's Loom of Deceit. Courage to stand up for what is right deserves applause. I am proud to join the struggle with good people, Jews and Gentiles, who fight for justice, decency and peace.

I do not support "The Peace Process." That is a farce run by the Zionist State and Washington — It leads to the peace of the graveyard.

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