Thursday, October 9, 2014

Global Warming

Global Warming

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by Morley Evans

The world has many very serious problems. We are always tempting extinction. These problems are all caused by people. Global Warming AKA Climate Change is a serious problem because it is BUNK that diverts resources from dealing with real problems like pollution, environmental destruction and war. If the global climate is changing at all, the world is headed for the next Ice Age, for which we are overdue. Like it or not, "carbon" and EXXON have nothing to do with it. If CO2 and Methane really were the powerful "greenhouse gases" they are claimed to be, winters would be balmy and the weather would be placid all the time. Grapes would be growing in England as they did during the Medieval Warm Period a thousand years ago. Instead, winters are record-breaking freezing months of misery and violent storms weak havoc everywhere. The arctic ice sheet expands and contracts as it has always done. The Northwest Passage is not becoming a reality. Antarctica is as cold as it has always been. People need to focus on real problems but they are fascinated with fantasy as always. The main driver of "climate change" is grants given by governments to so-called researchers who make nice livings for themselves by misleading fools. Governments and the idiots and crooks who work for governments — and the 1% who actually control governments — are the most serious problem of all. Currently these morons are trying to march us into WWIII so they can continue to "defend" us by killing innocent foreigners who are not a threat and by locking us up in maximum security prisons where we will be safe (from everything and everyone but them). Welcome to 1984.

I wish the brothers Koch, or someone, had me on their payroll. But no. The über rich would not like me any more than my other critics. Here are some things you can read or watch. None of these people are working for Koch, EXXON, Shell or BP:

Morley Evans
Slaying the Sky Dragon
Tim Ball
The Great Global Warming Swindle

People are "social animals." People share behavioral patterns with flocks of sheep and birds, schools of fish and herds of bison. Some people become adept at manipulating other people for their own fun and profit. Independent thinking is discouraged by everyone. Do your best.

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