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Gaza 2014 August-September

GAZA 2014 August-September
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by Morley Evans

Do you support the Zionist entity that they call "The State of Israel"? If you do, then you support this:

Q: What is the Gaza Strip?
A: The Gaza Strip is a remnant of Palestine. The West Bank is the other remnant of Palestine.

Q: Who are the people in Gaza?
A: Most of them are descendants of refugees who were driven out of Palestine at gunpoint in 1948 when the "State of Israel" was created. The Zionist entity was created by murder and ethnic cleansing. Gazans accepted refugees fleeing from Zionists. At the time, Gaza was part of Egypt.

Q: How big is the Gaza Strip?
A: 360 square KM (139 square miles or 11.79 miles by 11.79 miles if it were a square.) The Gaza Strip is only a few miles wide on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The Gaza Strip is the world's largest open air concentration camp. It is similar to the Warsaw Ghetto that was besieged by the Nazis in WWII.

Q: How many people live in the Gaza Strip?
A: 1.816 million (in 2014)

Q: Why don't the people of Gaza leave?
A: Why don't you leave your own home? Where would you go? On the one hand "Israel" wants the Palestinians to leave, but on the other hand "Israel" has sealed off the border by land and by sea. No one can get out or get in. "Israel" benefits by having a whipping boy it can demonize and kick around periodically.

Q: Doesn't Israel have the right to defend itself?
A: "Israel" is not defending itself. "Israel" is attacking innocent people who have no defense and who have never had a defense.

Q: What about the Holocaust?
A: Whatever the Holocaust might have been, it did not provide a license to steal from and kill anyone, especially not people who had nothing to do with it. One crime does not justify another crime.

Q: Haven't these people been killing each other for centuries?
A: Jews lived peacefully for centuries with Arabs and other Muslims all over the Middle East. Sunni and Shia lived together peacefully with Jews and with Christians and others for over 600 years in the Ottoman Empire. Zionists destroyed ancient homelands to force Jews to emigrate to the Zionist entity they carved out of Palestine. Now they have turned Muslim against Muslim. "Divide and Rule" is the old colonial game being played.

Q: Don't you know there are always casualties in every war?
A: The periodic attacks on Gaza are always a slaughter not a war. Israelis call their attacks "Mowing the lawn." Despite lavish support from Washington and its stooges, "Israel" doesn't do very well when it attacks people who can defend themselves, like Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Assad regime in Syria. Having successfully subverted Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Emirates and destroyed Iraq and Libya, Washington is currently working to destroy Syria where the vast majority support "the brutal dictator" Assad. Vast majorities are opposed to the pro-Washington √©lites that rule them in the Middle East and around the world. Washington unmasked is the capital of the evil empire.

Q: Do you support Israel, the Jewish State?
A: I do not support criminals. Do you?

A SEA OF DESPAIR. (Of course this ghastly situation is the Palestinians' own fault according to the many friends of "Israel" who own the world-wide mind control system and who own your mind and what it thinks. So, as a brainless automaton, you are off the hook.)

Here are a few more things you don't know:

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Assad is the target, not ISIS which is a creature of Washington and "Israel." They love to create bogymen to terrorize the boobs and keep themselves in business selling "defense." War is a racket.

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Humanity is in the clutches of disciples of Satan. They run the evil empire whose capital is Washington, not Beijing or Moscow or Berlin or Havana or Tehran or some other place. 

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