Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deeper and Deeper

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by Morley Evans

Dear PCR,

Thank you for filling in some blanks surrounding the Dulles boys. Did you forgot Korea? Secret Agendas.

Kermit Roosevelt — like the fictional James Bond — single handedly overthrew Iran's Mosaddegh in 1953 and Egypt's King Farouk the year before. (According to him.) Kermit was the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt. He was working for the Dulles boys, John Foster Dulles, The Secretary of State, and Allen Welsh Dulles, who ran the Central Intelligence Agency. TR kicked off the Twentieth Century as the American Century so named by TIME Magazine's publisher, Henry Luce. After watching the recent Ken Burns PBS biography on the Roosevelt tribe, I am wondering if TR might have had something to do with McKinley's assassination.

You say TR was on a camping trip when McKinley was shot? I recall that Al Capone was in Florida, or in jail, when parties unknown pulled off the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, conveniently eliminating Capone's rivals.) TR looks an awful lot like LBJ. Both were congenital manic depressives and liars. Both were serious warmongers who also promoted domestic human rights reforms that masked their true natures. Both were nuts: They liked to kill. TR and LBJ were homicidal maniacs.[1] And so was FDR.[2]  They each killed hundreds of thousands (as many as millions) of non-Americans and a few Americans too. Killing is thrilling, killers have said. That may be a common trait of powerful people. Look at Cheney and Rumsfeld and Curtis LeMay. Look at the Right Hand Man Theory that is the usual route of succession in the Mafia and other top level criminal organizations. Alexander The Great — like his father before him — was probably bumped off by one of his top commanders.

A complete catalogue of everything Washington has done with interconnections between events and people — things  that are usually compartmentalized — would be fascinating. Bill Blum has made a very good start by cataloguing Washington's exploits since 1945.

The Jews: What about them? Aren't they behind everything? Some are. Here are some other Jews.

- Morley

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