Monday, September 1, 2014

Christian Science Monitor asks

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by Morley Evans

The Christian Science Monitor asks, "Did Israel Commit War Crimes in Rafa?" It's nice of them to ask. Their picture speaks a thousand words.

Rafa, Gaza Strip, August 2014

Actually, the Zionist entity which they call "The State of Israel" is a war crime from start to end (which will be soon since things that can't go on forever don't go on forever). "Israel" is the Frankenstein monster that has been lurching about in the Middle East for over 66 years wreaking havoc and death on innocent people from Lebanon to Syria to Palestine to Egypt. Israeli influence has been working behind the scenes as Washington has performed its black magic act in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and places as far away as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Washington is everywhere. Washington's empire has been the dream of every megalomaniac from time immemorial.

Washington's power is fuelled by Washington's funny money, not so much taxation anymore. Washington prints as much money as it needs to buy whatever and whomever it wants. Some think the dollar empire is invincible, yet every dollar that Washington prints is one more nail in its coffin. And it has already printed trillions

Of course, Zionists brand anyone who dares to question what they do as an "anti-Semite" which has allowed them to get away with murder all these years. Zionists have only needed to invoke the mystical anti-Semitic charm "Holocaust" to bedazzle the unwary and destroy every critic. But enough is enough. The latest Israeli rampage that pulverized for 57 days the defenseless Palestinians who are imprisoned in the Gaza Strip has gone too far. The jig is up for "Israel" and its golem, The United State of America "the world's only remaining superpower" — which has been getting away with masquerading as "the last best hope of mankind." Is God on their side as they claim? No. These are Satan's spawn. 

You will know them by their fruit.
- Matthew 7:16

"Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews," but all Zionists are the disciples of Satan and the source of evil.
Jewish Voice for Peace
Neturei Karta International


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