Monday, September 29, 2014

20 Years Younger?

20 Years Younger?
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by Morley Evans

Today, I am healthier, stronger and younger than I was ten years ago. Think about it. Ten years younger? That's impossible, you say? It's not when one had been living for years at death's door.

Not only that: today, I am healthier, stronger and younger than I was TWENTY YEARS AGO! (When I was over 100.) It's true. 

That's not all. While I am older today, I am healthier and stronger than I was when I was four years old and for most of the years that followed. Most of my life I was plagued with asthma, acute allergies, underweight, exhaustion, and other miseries. I learned to compensate for and live with my disabilities. Most doctors were worse than useless — they were causing my problems.

I was in a coma in June 2000 after I had been tortured for eight years by doctors with cholesterol-lowering drugs. 

That June, after food poisoning and three hours of vomiting, Dr. Buwembo drilled a hole in my head to drain a subdural hematoma that was putting pressure on my brain. He saved my life. When I was discharged from the rehabilitation hospital my sister-in-law said she thought I would have to be "put in a home." That didn't happen. I thank God and my sister.

With no thanks to the morons of medicine, it took the next twelve years to recover as I found my way out of the medical maze. 

Today, I do STRONGLIFTS 5x5 power lifting Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Gold's Gym. I get sunshine for Vitamin D at the gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a new life. Each trip to the gym proves this has really happened. Life is good!

My blood pressure is 100/63. I take no medication. Zero. My waist is 32 inches and getting smaller. My chest is 39 inches and getting larger. I am gradually getting stronger every day. I know this because I lift weights. I measure everything. I record everything.

I just turned 67. I may live another sixty years. And why not? Most people my age are planning to die. They have retired. They have pensions. They are on multiple medications. They live between doctors appointments. They want to lose weight. They do have grandchildren but they don't have their youth. They play bridge and golf. They worry about estate planning. They have white or blue hair. They don't sleep well. They are in pain. They are old!

My own life cannot be found on a life insurance salesman's actuarial table or on a pathologist's autopsy table.  This is far beyond what doctors learn in medical schools. What do they know? Not much. Doctors cannot guide anyone to health, happiness and long life, not even themselves. You, yourself, can start to learn something about health that they don't know by clicking HERE.

Juvenon ended my pain in 2003 and Juice PLUS+ may have something to do with what has happened to me since I started taking it in February 2007. I have good reasons to think Juice PLUS+ does essential things. Juice PLUS+ is a simple and inexpensive way to start your own journey toward good health, happiness and long life. 

Some say that living well is the best revenge. That is true. I thank God for my life — all of it, good and bad. Think about it.

After years in Hell, I have NO PAIN! I'm free! Think about that. Maybe I will live another sixty years. I feel like it! Do you?

You could do better too.

And the Canadian medical system? What about it? Were I the King, heads would roll.


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