Tuesday, November 11, 2014


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by Morley Evans

Remembrance Day — a grand warmonger's festival complete with massed troops, fly-overs, propaganda and crocodile tears.

If you want World Peace, the answer is clear: Dismantle our war machine. It alone is the cause of strife, not the enemy de jour. Say goodbye to our own military; say goodbye to our own "intelligence" services; say goodbye to our own secret police; say goodbye to our own "defense" industry; say goodbye to our own war department (that has been called the department of "defense" since The Great Victory of '45). Get rid of 90% of the government that rules us and the "services" the government provides. The government cannot and does not "run the economy." The Russians and Chinese have learned this. Why haven't we learned anything? The government cannot create peace: Not internationally and Not domestically. We are completely on the wrong track. We have been the problem for over 100 years. Only the warmongers have profited at everyone else's expense. 

Since 1914, hundreds of millions have been killed — yet we don't have peace. The world is being consumed and destroyed — yet only 1% have prosperity. Stop serving the devil. It is time to reverse course. Wake Up! Turn Around!

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