Friday, March 14, 2008

Military Spending

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This handy table [1] shows military spending around the world. According to this table the U.S.A. spends more than everybody else combined. The U.S.A. spends ($623 billion) almost ten times as much as the next biggest spender, China ($65.0 billion). What the allies of the U.S. spend should be added to the U.S. total because they get foreign aid to buy matériel from U.S. contractors. That would include such countries as Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Canada. The list is actually quite long because companies like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin need help to stay in business.

The Chinese currently have money to spend on their military because they are selling vast quantities of manufactured goods to Americans (and Europeans too, of course). American consumers are actually paying for the Red Chinese military. The Red Chinese are buying Washington's debt because they are not buying American products. They have to buy something American with those American dollars or they have to sell them to someone else who eventually will buy something American. That is how foreign exchange works.

The Japanese — who have for decades been one turn of a screwdriver away from having a large nuclear arsenal — have been buying American debt since 1945. The Japanese have a mountain of U.S. debt that is at least ten times as large as China's mountain of U.S. debt. After sixty-three years of one-way trade with Americans, the Japanese have a mountain range of U.S. debt and dollar bills.

The vicious communist régime in North Korea — which Washington uses to terrify the American people and justify the defence that the Pentagon provides — is spending $5.0 billion a year. That is 5/623 = 1/124.6 of U.S. spending or 0.80%.

Iran — which is such a serious threat to Americans that it may soon be bombed, invaded and destroyed in self defence — spends $4.3 billion. That is 4.3/623 = 1/145 of U.S. spending or 0.69%

Cuba — which has posed a mortal threat to the U.S.A since the wicked Castro took over 50 years ago — spends $694 million. That is 1/894 of U.S. spending or 0.11%

This is no laughing matter: The U.S.A. and it's allies have not won a war since 1945, despite having spent trillions to defend America and the Free World. Even more alarming, Israel spends $9.4 billion a year to defend Israelis from Palestinians — who have, themselves, only a few hundred bucks to spend annually on defence.

The forces that are defending civilization and freedom are clearly at a disadvantage. If nothing changes all the wealth of the world will soon be tossed into the furnace of military spending to ensure that the world survives AND WE WILL BE NO SAFER THAN WE ARE NOW. Can we allow this to go on any longer? How will we survive if it does???

"But, but, but, didn't we win the Cold War?"

"Remember all those wars that we didn't win? They were the Cold War."

Consider this: This has all been a colossal waste of time, money and lives that was worth ZERO.


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