Friday, November 14, 2008

President Obama

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Is Obama going to make any difference in the US foreign policy options in the world, and particularly the Middle East?

No, 'fraid not.

Obama spent about 700 MILLION U.S. DOLLARS to get elected. (McCain spent about half that, making the tab this year over a BILLION dollars to run for POTUS.) Obama didn't raise that much with nickel and dime donors on the Internet. Every U.S. President owes his ass to 1). the Pentagon, 2). Wall Street, 3). War Contractors, and 4). BIG OIL. They must also kiss the feet of Israel. Nobody else matters. The only thing we can count on for a change in U.S. foreign policy is that the United States of America is bankrupt. The U.S. National Debt this hour is $10,638,340,843,488.62. This is currently increasing by about 500 billion dollars a year. That's a lot of jack. No one believes that debt will ever be paid off by anyone. Washington's plan (and Obama's too) is to borrow more money to spend the way out of bankruptcy. Where do you think the Wall Street bailout is coming from? The U.S. Empire has gone the same way as the Soviet Union. Most importantly, no one believes in the U.S. Empire anymore. That is what happened to the U.S.S.R. The U.S. Empire was doomed before the neocons and George W. Bush, but they are the ones who finished the work. Afghanistan and Pakistan did in the Soviet Union and stymied the British Empire too. In destroying Iraq, Bush destroyed America. Israel, as an outpost of the Empire, will have to rethink relations with its neighbours.

George W. Bush has been trying to start World War Three. World War Two worked well to put the U.S. Empire on top, but time is almost up for Bush. Obama and Clinton and Biden have four more years to start World War Three, so don't get too comfortable. The Great Depression Two may have started. We can blame it on Bush.

When the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, Washington believed the U.S.A. had become omnipotent. They believed that they could rewrite the laws of physics and do anything they wanted to anyone they chose. Guess not. The Greeks said: Before the gods destroy someone, first they will make him proud. Guess so. Power reinforced with inflation is a lethal drug. Addicts, like the politicians in Washington, always think they have become gods before they die.

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