Saturday, March 14, 2009

Christian Anarchism

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The institutions man creates mostly serve the people who run these institutions.

For example:

The State mostly serves the functionaries of the State. It does not serve "the people". A job-holder's main job is to keep the institution alive so he can keep his own job. Despite its advertised reasons to exist, the State definitely does not serve the poor. The poorest of the poor, who are often mentally disabled too, are left to sleep on sewer grates on cold winter nights in Canada's cities. That is why groups like the Salvation Army cruise the streets of Regina picking up people they find wandering when it is -40° and 3:00 AM. Volunteers take these people to shelters so they won't die. "Homeless people like to be independent. They like to live like that," apologists say. So much for the "Welfare State" and the idiotic taxes it collects so it can "provide services to Canadians."

To be sure, the State does provide some services to some Canadians. Those running things get the lion's share, of course. Contrary to popular belief, however, the government does not "run the country." It never did and it never could. That was proven by the Soviet Union. The people who live in any country run it. They are the country, not the luminaries who parade before the citizenry and take credit for everything, when things are good. The Governor General and the Prime Minister are no different from the mayor of the City of Regina, or the mayor of the village of Vibank — The mayor does not "run the city." And he never did and he never could. And no one imagines that he does, except, perhaps, the mayor.

PLEASE, let the hot air out of the balloons that carry our "leaders" aloft. You have the release chords to the vents on top of those balloons. [1] They are inside your own head. Pull them. Our "leaders" will descend to earth where they can walk around with the rest of us.

Christian anarchists think the Christian Church took a wrong turn when Constantine converted. Christianity became the Roman Empire when it became the religion of the Roman Empire — almost 2,000 years ago. [2]

We look at what everyone does and ask, "What does this have to do with the gospel?"


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