Monday, May 4, 2009

Physics 911

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You may be interested in Physics 911. [1] This is a website organized by Professor Dewdney. It is a forensic examination of the events known as "9/11". These are not "theories". These are conclusions drawn with scientific rigor from the evidence. [2]

I am, myself, especially drawn to the possibility that has been outlined by a "Finnish military expert" that three pineapple-sized micro-nukes (Tritium H-bombs) [3a,3b,3c] with 1,500 foot vertical foci for the taller structures were used to vaporize the cores of the three buildings (WTC1, WTC2, WTC7) 85% of which literally wafted away from the World Trade Center on the breezes — to fall as dust covering lower Manhattan. Nothing like that has ever happened before anywhere in the history of the world. Pools of molten metal were found in the sub basements weeks after the event. How did that happen? Kerosene "jet fuel"? Burning office paper, carpeting, pencils, upholstery and steel desks?

Large numbers of first responders are dying of cancer that was most likely caused by radiation. The official story is a Big Lie from start to end. It doesn't have a leg to stand on. Who, then, is really responsible for this hideous monstrosity? After considering the facts, we are not left with the usual suspects, now, are we?


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