Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What to do About the CMPA?

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by Morley Evans

The CMPA is the Canadian Medical Protective Association (founded in 1901). What to do about it? Can it be reformed? Can it be controlled?

I was tortured for eight years. Then I slipped into a coma. It has taken me eighteen years to crawl out of the grave that was dug for me by the doctor who was prescribing Zocor and a second doctor who almost finished me off with Lipitor. [1] No one responsible offered me anything. They certainly didn't offer any medical relief. No one charged with protecting the public did his job either. There was no day in court, no out of court settlement, no offer, no sympathy, not even one kind word. They swept me under the carpet after they laughed in my face. The shadowy CMPA — which is the most powerful medical organization in Canada — was founded "to protect the reputations of physicians." That sounds innocent enough.

The CMPA has protected bastards for over a century by subverting justice. Canada's legal system is a joke, especially with regards to doctors, but not only them. The criminal CMPA is directly responsible. Nothing is too outrageous to be excused and ignored, so beware.

Am I unique? Perhaps, but only in the sense that I survived the Canadian "health care system" here in Regina. Next time I might not be so lucky. Then again, the Power above may be protecting me to denounce this evil.

If the airline industry were run like the doctor business in Canada, dozens of planes would be crashing every week. The airline industry is completely different because it is run by responsible people who give a damn about the safety of their customers. Despite crashes and deaths, the auto business is nearly as good when one considers the astronomical number of passenger miles driven without incident every year. Even the Mafia cares more about its customers than established Canadian medicine. Others care, or they go out of business: Not the CMPA and the rest who run established medicine in Canada.

These scum cannot be reformed. They can go to Hell.

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